Main Focus Security

A good omen: Friday, the 25. May 2012 the LinuxTag stands under the sign of security. The lectures in the context of the Security Day in the Open Source Arena and at the security track in the lecture hall 1 (room London) offer interesting information and news about innovative techniques to the visitors. It will become practical at the Hacking Contest by Astaro.

Security Day

IT-security is important – everyone agrees. Whether in private or professional life. One of the biggest problems when it comes to security is the belief of the users that nothing is going to happen to them. A fallacy because in truth more goes wrong than they think it does.

Therefore the top priority is as follows: prevention. At the Security Day at the LinuxTag visitors will learn all about the matter of security and potential security loopholes. 

SOPHOS is going to report, in the Open Source Arena, of: „IPv6 at home and yet being safe – a guide for non-network professionals and non-kernel optimisers.” Just have a look for yourselves.

Workshop "Data Protection Law"

The DAV IT kindly invites you to take place in the workshop (23. May 2012, 2-5 p.m., room New York 4). Max. 25 participants. If you’re interested please contact Ms Silla Limbrecht ( „First come first serve“.

Workshop on Data Privacy Laws

„Practical legal problems of order-data processing – no outsourcing without a contract“

Order-data processing is the data processing on behalf of someone else. The amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act 2009 has tightened the law of order-data processing considerably. The principal shall be responsible for inspection requirements. There are great demands made on the form of contract. The non-observance is penalised with a fine. The data privacy law requirements are not only essential from the perspective of the client. The contractor is also being increasingly faced with the demand of order-data processing according to the data privacy laws from customers. The problem areas of order-data processing range from simple outsourcing to Google analytics and cloud computing and include areas one might not immediately think about.
The workshop introduces the legal requirements to the order-data processing, identifies various problem areas and offers practical recommendations for the design of contracts.

The DAV IT invites (23.05.2012, 2 – 5 p.m., Room New York 2.3). Max. 25 participants. If interested, please contact Ms Silla Limbrecht ( The principle “First come first serve” applies.


Hacking Contest by SOPHOS

Since 2002 the Hacking Contest has been taking place. The aim is to both protect the prepared computer as well as utilise its vulnerabilities live on stage. Each participant has a short time to gain permanent access to a computer, which he has to find and remove later on from the computer of the other players.

For the eleventh  birthday of the Hacking Contest, the LinuxTag has set up a website together with its partner SOPHOS, where visitors can try themselves to directly overcome protective measures.

Give proof of your ingenuity and register for the Hacking Contest!

Date: Friday, 25. May 2012, from 3 p.m. onwards
Location: Open Source Arena
Registration: Please register on the competition website.

Long-term companions of the Hacking Contest will, with no doubt, remember Astaro, which has so far supported the event. The company was taken over last year by SOPHOS and now keeps on supporting the tradition – with a new name.

GPG Keysigning

To enlarge the Web of Trust of GPG-keys, users mutually compare their signatures. These will therefore be uploaded by the participants until Saturday, 20. May 2012. The keys should be valid until at least August 2012 and the participants have to present a valid piece of identification such as an ID card or passport on location. All further details about the Keysigning party can be found here.

Date: Friday, 25. May 2012, 3 p.m.
Location: Hall New York 2.3
Registration: until the 20th May 2012