Partner Event: Think forwardly

"Open Minds Economy" features the sustainable added value through open forms of collaboration. The following topic areas may offer an incentive for the presentation of concepts: open collaboration of software producer among themselves (open source and proprietary software based on industrial standards) as well as open collaboration of producers and users, open innovation, open data in the public sector and open access in the field of education.

All in all the track Open Minds Economy is to push the discussion about definitions, conditions, factors of success and the impediments of open collaboration in industry, science and community further.

Masterminds wanted!

A Program Comittee of the OSB Alliance assumes the textual presentation of the partner event. On stage at the Open Source Arena in hall 7.2b interested parties get the opportunity to introduce practical examples and new concepts followed by discussions on the subject in 20 minutes tracks.

About Open Source Business Alliance

The Open Source Business Alliance – OSB Alliance for short – is with 230 members the largest network of companies and organizations in Germany which develop and use open source software.

Aim of the OSB Alliance is to push the success of open source software and other forms of open collaboration. This will be achieved by dissemination of information, by creation of positive conditions for producer and user as well as by active networking of prdoucer, customers and service provider.

Thereby the interoperability between the different open source systems and with proprietary software is very important.  

The OSB Alliance was founded in 2011 due to the merger of LIVE Linux-organization and Linux Solutions Group (LiSoG). The place of business is in Stuttgart. Chairman is Peter H. Ganten.