RootCamp Berlin

On May 25th and 26th 2012 the first BarCamp for Linux/ OSS users and administrators will take place in Berlin - the RootCamp Berlin 2012 

The RootCamp is a so-called “unconference”, which gives the participants the opportunity for an intense knowledge exchange, networking and socializing. Thereby all content, such as discussions and presentations will be determined by the participants of the camp. 
The open source service provider NETWAYS, based in Nuremberg (Germany), is initially in charge of the organization of the RootCamp, which is supported by volunteers and sponsors. Anyone who wants to contribute and help is cordially invited.

There is no “audience” in the classic sense at the RootCamp Berlin, according to the basic principles of all BarCamps. Every participant can hold a session and thus contribute to the success of the event. The participants will determine the presentations and discussions rounds during the first camp day. The established sessions will represent the agenda of the event.

The RootCamp is especially dedicated to open source for administrators. The focal points will be everything around design, configuration and management of it platforms, for applications and websites based on open source software. The LinuxTag 2012 is the ideal contextual framework for the RootCamp and presents enthralling topics for administrators during the technical track of the conference program, on Friday (May 25th 2012).

There will be a small participant fee for the RootCamp. It will be 15 EUR to participate on Friday and Saturday, resp. 10 EUR for participation only on Saturday. The registration has to be effected via a pre-registration on There you can also find all further information around the RootCamp Berlin.


About the event:

Date: May 25th and 26th 2012
Venue: Room New York (Hall 7.1a)