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Smartphones and the open web

von Max Jonas Werner

Saturday, 26.05.2012, London, 10:00-10:30 Uhr

Innovation in the mobile market is currently driven mainly by proprietary technology. Not only Apple - with iOS and accompanying products - but also Google - with their behind-closed-doors development philosophy for Android - threaten the proliferation of Free Software and open standards. Which technology can survive in such a market? Will Free Software even play a role here?

This talk presents an overview of the Free Software commitments of companies in the mobile market. I will give insights into how much Android is actually free in GNU's sense of freedom and cover the potential of driving forces of the mobile evolution such as app stores to foster free access to data, code and people. The web is the key factor I'll focus in here.

Über den Autor Max Jonas Werner:

I'm a software developer - currently working on an enterprise social networking software at a startup in Hamburg. I use Linux since I'm 16 and started to spread the word about Free Software from then on by talking about its benefits and also committing code to some projects.

Before working in Hamburg I was an IT Consultant in Bonn and an editor at Linux-Magazin in Munich.