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Stress, Load and Performance Testing in the Cloud

von Christoph Bose (it-test pro GmbH)

Wednesday, 23.05.2012, Open Source Arena, 11:30-12:00 Uhr

Over the past 18 months performance, stress, load and endurance testing have become increasingly a focal point for many of the big businesses due to the increase usage of e-Commerce and smart phones and tablets and the advent of specialist promotion days such as Cyber Monday and of course the Summer, Thanks giving and Christmas holidays.

Although there are a few tools on the market, the industrial strength and proven products are ridiculously expensive, based on number of v-user licences and platforms, or they are open source utilities that require specialist equipment for Load Controllers or Load Generators with limitations on location.

With the arrival of the Cloud, not only is the use of licences more flexible, so that we can rent licences for a period of time, until now it was only possible to buy v-user licences even if you only wanted to performance test for 2 weeks of the year.

Also the location from where we generate the load is now finally global. Cloud services allow us to generate load from all four corners of the globe meaning that we can simulate specific trends, and time zones using a rental licence basis, which allows us to set up and configure our performance tools in a matter of hours.

The purpose of this presentation is to show how the Cloud has extended and improved our capabilities of simulating real global distribution of virtual users for global e-Commerce companies.

Über den Autor Christoph Bose:

Christoph Bose arbeitet bei der it-test pro GmbH