Europe's largest event for Linux and Open Source

On 20. January 1996 LinuxTag opened its gates for the first time at Technical University of Kaiserslautern with its claim "Linux in education and academic studies". Since then, LinuxTag has developed to Europe's leading open source event. Here, more than 200 companies and free projects from all over the world participate - more than anywhere else in Europe! Furthermore LinuxTag draws the attention of 12.000 on-site trade visitors and more than 24 Mio. readers on its exhibition and conference.


The Federal Foreign Office of Germany took patronage of LinuxTag 2008 and chose successfully free software for thousands of staff members at their workplaces and while abroad. Until mid of 2009 all 11,000 computers at 200 German missions abroad will be migrated to Linux world-wide.

Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Federal Minister of the Exteriour:

LinuxTag joins users, developers and software vendors from many different countries to discuss latest development and future perspectives. Linux is a global synonyme for free software. But beyond "free software", there is more to discover. It is a symbol for an open society, both from the inside and the outside. Open source benefits from the fact that development is not centralised with a single person or a company, but lies within the hands of many developers all over the world. Therefore, it benefits from a greater intellectual capacity. I am deeply convinced of this colloquial and public approach, which is promising now and will gain even more importance in the future.

Mark Shuttleworth, Initiator of Ubuntu, Owner of Canonical Ltd (UK):

LinuxTag is in many ways the epicenter. This is the event at which we get internationally recognized interaction between the community - people who actually drive the free software movement, who give it its energy, who give it its live, give it its vision, give it its future - and the commercial sector - people who deliver results, who present us with contractual interfaces, people whith whom we can reach agreements to get work done.

Elmar Geese, Managing Director, tarent GmbH (Germany):

“From our point of view it was worth it in every respect. We established numerous new business contacts, including from abroad. We also met highly qualified people from projects, who can help improve our business prospects. It is striking that more and more projects have a commercial side to them.”

Jaqueline Rahemipour, Project Manager,

„With an audience of eighty people, our two-day conference was extremely well attended. We had numerous conference visitors interested in business, who were curious to find out about 3. It always fascinates me that at LinuxTag the community aspect and business go hand in hand.“

Terri Molini, Press Spokesman, Sun Microsystems (USA):

“LinuxTag is a great platform for us, where we can introduce new products and make contact with the community. These last days we have been meeting a lot of interesting visitors to the fair. From our point of view the event was a success.“

Florian Schießl, LiMux-Client-Team of Munich:

For LiMux Linuxtag has been a great platform. With our experiences we were able to present, that free software is a considerable opportunity for the public sector. We presented our basic client to many representatives of the public sector - even from the Federal Government.

Cécile Maindron, Marketing Program Manager, talend (France):

LinuxTag is becoming a business event. We met so many business contacts and achieved our goals, and in terms of quality it was even a pleasant surprise. For example, we had a top executive of one of the world’s largest management consultancies on our stand.

Exhibitors and Attendees

Amongst others the following companies and projects have participated in LinuxTag:

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