Be(come) our partner

As a partner of LinuxTag 2012 you receive exclusive marketing-, ticketing-, conference- and press-services for every individual need. Our partner packages are specially developed for individual needs of small companies, national associations and even for multinational companies.

  • Gold Partner
  • Silver Partner
  • Bronze Partner

Your advantage as our partner: bring your own partners to LinuxTag, split the costs, refinance your own spendings and most importantly: present your combined know-how!

Above all, we appreciate to offer and assist you with individual stand offers!

Let's get it started!

PARTNER GUIDE - Partner packages *

Partnerstatus Gold (1 available) Silver (5 available) Bronze (8 available)
Price 25,000 EUR 13,000 EUR 8,000 EUR
Square area of stand incl. 50 m² stand area incl. 25 m² stand area incl. 15m² stand area
stand type Professional Professional Premium
Stand positioning preferred stand positionioning preferred stand positioning preferred stand positioning
Cleaning (new) incl. stand cleaning incl. stand cleaning incl. stand cleaning
flatrate utility charge + AUMA fee yes yes -
Basic Electrical Installation 3,3kW yes - -
Internet access LAN/WLAN yes yes yes
meeting room according to availability yes - -
exhibitor passes 25 10 5
Parking spaces 2 1 -
logo on all print media yes yes yes
banner on website LinuxTag yes yes -
distribution of info material at all service desks yes - -
Speaking slots 1 speaking slot (30 min) in Open Source Arena as well as 1 speaking slot (5 min) within the "Companies fast forward" (new) 1 speaking slot (5 min) within the "Companies fast forward" (new) 1 speaking slot (5 min) within the "Companies fast forward" (new)
free one-day voucher (new) 200 100 50
logo on welcome- and pause-chart yes - -
free tickets to match making event (new) 6 4 2
posting of job offers at the job wall up to 10 job offers up to 5 job offers up to 2 job offers
press release display of press release at opening press conference - -

If you need any further information or if you have any questions, we would appreciate to assist you. Please contact Mrs. Petra Kuhfuß at any time for immediate attention.

* Attention: Services out of the partner packages – especially those that require the production of advertising material – are only available if the specific contents e.g. logos or texts (catalogues) are provided 8 weeks before the event takes place.

Not using several service items has no impact on the total package price.