Please use the following originals and don't change the graphics. In case you want to scale the graphics, please keep in mind that the aspect ratio remains unchanged. The permission of the LinuxTag association is required to use the logo of LinuxTag. You reach LinuxTag e.V. via info[at]linuxtag.org.

Logo LinuxTag (blau)

LinuxTag Logos (blue)

LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.eps (127x82 Pixel, 313 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.jpg (1180x762 Pixel, 192 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.pdf (210x297 mm, 97 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.svg (4 KB)

Logo LinuxTag (gelb)

LinuxTag logo (yellow)

LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.eps (127x82 Pixel, 325 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.jpg (1180x762 Pixel, 194 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.pdf (210x297 mm, 196 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.svg (4 KB)

LinuxTag-Logo (blau) mit Claim

LinuxTag logo (blue) with claim

LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.eps (469x105 Pixel, 518 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.jpg (1180x262  Pixel, 118 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.pdf (210x297 mm, 196 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.svg (7,5 KB)