The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offeres its LPIC trials at a reduced price at LinuxTag 2013. In addition, the new LPI Essentials are offered, a new LPI certificate aimed at beginners and those who'd like to gain a broader knowledge of the Linux ecosystem from the start. To learn more about the LPI Essentials programme, visit the LPI Essentials website.

Request a participation certificate

The visit of the LinuxTag 2013 is recognised as an educational vacation. Interested people can receive the notification via e-mail. For that reason please send a message to Mrs. Herrmann (j.herrmann@messe-berlin.de

The proof of the participation itself will be handed out to you at the LinuxTag 2013. Please enquire it at the fair management. 
Or alternatively: If you need an official certificate of your participation, please scan your ticket and send it as well your adress at: linuxtag@messe-berlin.de