Making LinuxTag

LinuxTag and its activists are part of the open source community. LinuxTag isn't aimed at simply selling as much as possible, unlike other trade fairs and conventions. LinuxTag is about community and openness as well, because that is the spirit of the open-source movement.


If you want to present your software project at LinuxTag, participate in the Call for Projects. The mode of the process and the application deadline will be published. Send your request to the project comittee. Participating projects use the LinuxTag wiki to organize their work.


If you would like to speak at LinuxTag or to offer a tutorial, send an email to Submit your proposal through the virtual Conference Center (vCC).


Every year volunteers work behind the scenes and help make LinuxTag what it is. Be a part of LinuxTag! Contact us at Find more information at the wiki. And you can reach the LinuxTag team via IRC at Freenode, channel "#linuxtag"!