We Believe in Liberty

The members of the LinuxTag Association share the conviction that everybody has something to contribute to the free software concept, each in his or her own way. This is how the vision spreads.

Some Membersof the LinuxTag Association Team: Ibrahim-Ben Fahrun, Anika Kehrer, Kester Habermann, Carsten Karl, Elke Moritz, Marek Macioschek, Oliver Zendel, Michael Kleinhenz, Wolfgang Drotschmann, Florian Auer, Marko Jung, Ingo Wichmann, Guido Müller, Nils Magnus (from left to right).

Planet LinuxTag

Some members of our team write about their LinuxTag-related activities in their personal blogs. Their experiences offer a look behind the scenes. For easier access, we collect these blog posts on our planet.linuxtag.org.

Executive Board

  • Ingo Wichmann (chairman)
  • Guido Müller (chairman)
  • Jacqueline Rahemipour (treasurer)


Members of the executive team in accordance with the Association's by-laws:

  • Elke Moritz (free software projects)
  • Felix Schauerte (social event)
  • Annette Schneider (catering and team)
  • Kester Habermann (system administration)
  • Nils Magnus (conference)
  • Ryo Kato (network)

Contact us at vorstand@linuxtag.org.