Empowering Free Software

The benefits of open source software are clear: cost savings, flexibility and security. These benefits become apparent as soon as programmers meet managers and users meet vendors. This is LinuxTag: an invitation to talk to one another, and to learn from one another. Users gain understanding; developers gain awareness. The result: better software in a vibrant ecosystem.

Consistently number one

LinuxTag has been held regularly for 15 years, longer than any other Linux fair in Europe. More than 200 free software projects and companies participate, more than in any other European Linux event. LinuxTag attracts nearly 12,000 visitors — an unrivalled record. Since its beginnings in 1995, visitors and exhibitors have valued the credibility and expertise behind LinuxTag.

Share. Ask. Learn.

What makes LinuxTag so special?

First: LinuxTag, its participants and its visitors are all part of the open source community. Unlike other trade fairs, the organizers of LinuxTag aren't just out to sell as much as possible. We want to create real cooperation and openess: the special feeling that characterizes the open source movement.

Second: At LinuxTag, programmers from open source projects meet to discuss ideas and to test the water of the business world. At LinuxTag, enterprises make contact with new partners and with the community. There's no other place where it so easy to talk to open source developers and companies, to enrich the great pool of ideas, and — at the end of the day — to create new software that everyone is free to use and develop.

Third: Every year hundreds of presentation proposals fill the mailboxes of the program and session chairs. LinuxTag presents top-quality knowledge, presented by first-class speakers from all over the world. The subjects range from beginners' issues to system administration and migration to kernel development. All these talks are free to all fair visitors.

Facts and Figures

The following figures give an impression of the impact that LinuxTag has in the calendars of trade fair and convention visitors:


Since 2007: Berlin Fairgrounds


English (45% of talks)

Number of visitors

2011: 11.582
2010: 11.748
2009: 10.780
2008: 11,600
2007: 9,600

International visitors

About 12 percent

Number of exhibitors

2011: 120
2010: 128
2009: 135
2008: 146
2007: 115

Number of exhibiting projects

2011: 77
2010: 75
2009: 66
2008: 85
2007: 90

Number of exhibiting enterprises

2011: 43
2010: 43
2009: 69
2008: 61
2007: 25

Number of talks

2011: About 260
2010: About 300
2009: About 300
2008: About 250
2007: About 200

Number of speakers

2010: 224
2009: 237
2008: 215
2007: 211

International speakers

About 30 percent

Sponsors and partners

Renowned international companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Novell, T-Systems, Google, Microsoft