Press pictures

LinuxTag offers pictures for free download. Please always note the originator in the format: Surname, Name/LinuxTag. Furthermore, we would appreciate to receive a copy of the publication to Geschäftsstelle des LinuxTag e. V.

You can find our photos at Flickr.

Logo LinuxTag (blau)

LinuxTag logo (blue)

LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.eps (127x82 Pixel, 313 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.jpg (1180x762 Pixel, 192 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-blue.pdf (210x297 mm, 97 KB)
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Logo LinuxTag (gelb)

LinuxTag logo (yellow)

LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.eps (127x82 Pixel, 325 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.jpg (1180x762 Pixel, 194 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-plain-yellow.pdf (210x297 mm, 196 KB)
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LinuxTag-Logo (blau) mit Claim

LinuxTag logo (blue) with claim

LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.eps (469x105 Pixel, 518 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.jpg (1180x262  Pixel, 118 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.pdf (210x297 mm, 196 KB)
LinuxTag-Logo-Claim-plain-blue.svg (7,5 KB)