Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Continuous Integration, Test, and Deployment of an OpenERP-based Project

by Olaf Wagner (elego Software Solutions GmbH), Michael Goetz-Schneider (Elego GmbH)

Wednesday, 22.05.2013, New York I, 16:45-17:15 Uhr

OpenERP has been chosen as the new source base for the ERP implementation of a medium-sized enterprise comprising several independent but collaborating companies. The resulting system is going to replace installations of several commercial applications currently in use during the next two years.

As only about 50-60% of the required features are expected to be provided by OpenERP out-of-the-box, the implementation project has been set up using agile software development. Programming teams of three companies are working together using central infrastructure based on Linux, Apache, Redmine, Jenkins, Vagrant and other open source solutions.

OpenERP uses the Bazaar VCS. We are going to talk about how we implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in this project setting.

About the author Olaf Wagner:

Olaf Wagner is executive manager of the elego Software Solutions GmbH in Berlin. Born 1963 in Warstein, Germany, he studied computer science at the Technical University of Berlin from 1983 till 1989.

In recent years he has been working as consultant for high performance and high availibility charging systems for mobile communication; since 2012 he is leading an OpenERP implementation project for an industrial enterprise with several hundred employees. He has been involved with open source since his university days, using Linux and BSD systems for various tasks since their beginning.

About the author Michael Goetz-Schneider:

Geb. 14.10.1961 in Erlangen
1981: Mathematikstudium in Erlangen mit Diplom-Abschluss
1988: TU Berlin: Administrator, Programmierer im Ingenieurwesen
1998: IT Services GmbH, Software-Entwickler (SmallTalk)
1999: Novaville GmbH, Software-Entwickler (Java)
2003: Prisma GmbH, Software-Entwickler/Consultant Java, Oracle, ETL)
2012: Elego GmbH, Software-Entwickler (Python, Java, Release Engineering)