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11.04.2013 13:48

• Industry meeting place brings experts together to discuss systems engineering topics • LinuxTag 2013 from 22 to 25 May in Berlin

Berlin, 9 April – Europe’s leading trade show and conference on all aspects of Linux and free software has always placed great emphasis on the exchange of concrete information between practitioners. This will be continued in the outstanding programme of papers at the 19th LinuxTag, taking place in Berlin from 22 to 25 May. The organisers at LinuxTag e.V. have accordingly engaged the services of several of the leading experts in the field of systems engineering. An indication of the quality of the individual tracks can be gauged from the names of those chosen to chair the sessions: Martin Loschwitz (hastexo Professional Services GmbH) will be coordinating the subject of OpenStack and Werner Fischer (Thomas-Krenn AG) will be responsible for the Storage track, while the subject of embedded Linux in industrial applications will be in the hands of Carsten Emde (Open Source Automation Development Lab – OSADL) and Andreas Klinger (ITK engineering) .

Nils Magnus, Director LinuxTag e.V.: "We are delighted to have secured the services of these prominent experts for the programme of papers. This will attract participants to LinuxTag as well as marking another important step in our efforts to ensure the quality of the subject matter of our papers."

The OpenStack DACH Day at LinuxTag 2013 is the first occasion on which a major sub-conference has been held on this subject in Europe. The OpenStack Foundation has its headquarters in the USA but regards itself as a collection point with a worldwide reach for the eponymous, widely scalable cloud management platform.

For many years users have become accustomed to the expanding capacity of hard drives but have tended to ignore the many implications of this process. The Storage Track at LinuxTag deals with the availability of large filing systems and their access via the iSCSI and Infiniband protocols. Experts and maintenance staff are presenting replicated block devices such as file systems, including brand new DRBD9, Ceph and GlusterFS benchmarking. No fewer than five kernel developers are attending this track at LinuxTag in order to explain the new trends at first hand.

Unnoticed by many people, Linux has acquired a prominent position in the field of industrial control systems. Visitors can learn how this occurred and how companies can benefit from the results and the quality of embedded Linux at the track devoted to Embedded Linux in Industrial Applications. Of particular significance is the keynote speech by Thomas Gleixner, a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Linux Foundation and a leading Linux developer who, with his contribution, the RT Preempt Patch, has had a particular influence on Linux for industrial applications.

The Programme Committee is also planning some 20 tracks for IT engineers, software developers, systems architects and users. More details are available from the programme overview for this event.

A few slots are still available for contributions on a number of individual topics, such as the presentations of tools in the context of continuous integration, source code management with Git and SVN or modern development methods such as Kanban and Scrum. Proposals can be submitted at

From the proposals that have been submitted the Programme Committee is preparing a fascinating range of papers that will undoubtedly reflect the many and varied interests and expectations of those attending LinuxTag. In addition to significant keynote speeches they will also include business and technical papers as well as dialogue-oriented formats.

The Free Programme of Papers is available to anyone attending LinuxTag and, with over 250 contributors, it is one of the world’s largest. Also forming part of the programme of papers are the Business and Administration Congress (BuBK) and other programme formats, which are being organised by LinuxTag in collaboration with the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA). The case studies and progress reports are intended in particular for Linux and Open Source users in business and administration. Papers by over 2,600 experts from all over the world have already contributed to the success of LinuxTag in the past.

About LinuxTag

LinuxTag is Europe's leading trade fair and conference on Linux and open source software. The four-day event has been taking place since 1996, and annually on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds since 2007. It offers the latest information for professional users, decision-makers, developers, beginners and the community. In addition to the programme of papers and a separate Business & Public Authorities Conference, LinuxTag traditionally hosts an exhibition featuring projects and companies associated with the Open Source sector. Verein LinuxTag e.V. is the non-commercial organiser of the event, which is staged jointly with Messe Berlin GmbH. More information is available at

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