LinuxTag 2013: call for papers announced

19.12.2012 10:58

Focus on open source applications in computer centres, on mobiles and the modern web - New: experts organise their tracks - Candidates have until 20 January to submit their ideas for the programme of papers

The growing importance of open source software for the internet and for social networking sites will be one of the main topics of the programme of papers at LinuxTag 2013. This was the message given by the programme committee when, on 18 December, it announced a call for papers. Candidates have until 20 January 2013 to submit their ideas, including on other topics relevant to open source applications. These will be incorporated by the committee into a programme of fascinating papers, in line with the wide-ranging interests and expectations of audiences at LinuxTag. Besides important keynotes, the programme will also include business lectures, technical papers and discussion-oriented formats. To date, over 2,600 experts from around the world have contributed towards the success of LinuxTag.


LinuxTag is Europe's leading trade fair and conference on Linux and open source software. The nineteenth edition of this industry event will be taking place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 22 to 25 May 2013.


Next year, for the first time, the planning team of LinuxTag e. V. will be giving participants the chance to organise their own conference tracks, enabling even more experts to help shape the programme of papers. The plan is for the session chairs to gather six to eight speakers on a particular subject at LinuxTag.


Commenting on the headline topic of the call for papers,

Nils Magnus, responsible for programme planning at LinuxTag e.V., said: "Linux has become indispensable to operating computer centres and server installations, which is why one of the key topics of the 2013 programme of papers will focus on the management of ever-expanding infrastructures. Managing, configuring and monitoring all kinds of systems including entire clouds and computer centres has taken on a dimension that requires a new approach. The programme committee invites papers that present innovative approaches or ways in which these can be put to successful use and which transcend conventional methods."


A second key area the programme committee will be focusing on is devices. These are becoming smaller, but also more powerful. More and more users now realise that the performance of appliances ranging from TV sets to sub-systems for in-car entertainment can usually be improved upon.


This applies particularly to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That is why LinuxTag is looking for speakers who can demonstrate how to enhance the performance of all kinds of devices. This event track will also provide an overview of industrial Linux applications. For example, this free operating system has already been put to remarkably successful use in real-time computing and system management.


Thirdly, the programme committee also aims to examine the web’s complex eco-systems. If providers can efficiently organise web servers, supplementary modules, caches and load balancers to improve internet services then many new systems will soon be ready for public use with browsers. LinuxTag invites experts’ opinions on the direction Javascript and its relatives such as Coffeescript and Dart will take, how to manage frameworks, and what the real influence of HTML5 and CSS3 is on the development of modern websites.


Besides inviting ideas for these three topics the LinuxTag call for papers also welcomes candidates’ input on other relevant open source topics, to be submitted by 20 January 2013:


Suggestions for organising one’s own track and any relevant queries can be e-mailed to:


All visitors to LinuxTag are welcome to attend the open programme of papers, one of the world’s most extensive, and comprising more than 250 events. It features the Business & Public Authorities Conference (BuBK) as well as other formats jointly organised by LinuxTag and the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA). The programme’s studies and reports target Linux and open source software users in business and administrations.


About LinuxTag

LinuxTag is Europe's leading trade fair and conference on Linux and open source software. The four-day event has been taking place since 1996, and annually on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds since 2007. It offers the latest information for professional users, decision-makers, developers, beginners and the community. In addition to the programme of papers and a separate Business & Public Authorities Conference, LinuxTag traditionally hosts an exhibition featuring projects and companies associated with the Open Source sector. Verein LinuxTag e.V. is the non-commercial organiser of the event, which is staged jointly with Messe Berlin GmbH. More information is available at

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