How to contribute to FusionDirectory: A guide for developpers, testers, translators

von Mortier Benoit (OpenSides)

Friday, 25.05.2012, New York 2.1, 14:00-15:00 Uhr

FusionDirectory is a nice Frontend to manage you network infrastructure written in php and storing your datas in an ldap server.

Its organizated around a core an a set of plugins

This workshop will show how how you can help the project to become better in various ways :

- Coding new plugins - making code reviews of the actual code - Translation in your own language and profreading the actual translations - Testing on the various distributions and helping making the software - Writing documentation

We welcome everybody :)

Über den Autor Mortier Benoit:

Benoit Mortier is the CEO of OpenSides a belgian free software company. He is the leader of the FusionDirectory project since 2011. He left school after college to work in computer shops and got contaminated with the free software virus who as never left him. He is a free software activist, fighting against software patents and giving talks a various free software events. He also co-organize the system track a the libre software meeting for several years now.

He live in Brussels, Belgium and enyoy sun, travel, restaurant and movies.