Monitoring Huge Java deployement with RHQ

von Romain Pelisse (Red Hat)

Friday, 25.05.2012, Europa I, 10:45-11:30 Uhr

Any Java based web application, if at least a tidbit successful, is going to require a large amount of servers and deployments to cope with the increasing load its getting. While many traditional monitoring tools, available as Free Software (such as Icinga/Nagios) or not, ar quite good to monitor infrastructure and network, most of them generally lack the ability to closely monitor Java application.

Indeed, using JVMs implies having a all new set of metrics to monitor, such as garbage collection times, memory space size, on top of which, most JEE application add their own metrics using JMX. The need of dedicated monitoring tool for Java was quickly identified by the JBoss communities and there was many attempts to build a Java based solution, starting as early as the first years of 200x.

Recently released in its 4th version, RHQ has emerged in the last year as one of the most achieved result. Now encompassing many features, such as drift monitoring (like Puppet provides) and deployment capabilities (like Yum), RHQ really can become the backbone of a complex and rich infrastructure.

Based on feedbacks from a very large deployment of an RHQ server (monitoring several hundreds of instances), this talk will describes results obtained and difficulties encountered, but will also discuss best practises, and when use, or more importantly, not use RHQ...

Über den Autor Romain Pelisse:

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