Bitcoin: algorithmic money

von Amir Taaki (Bitcoin Consultancy)

Friday, 25.05.2012, Berlin II, 17:15-18:00 Uhr

From the experiments of hackers searching for an incorruptible monetary system, bitcoin was born. A decentralised digital cash system in which the currency is backed by mathematics and hard cryptography, rather than laws and police ensures a mathematical efficiency driven by free ideals and extreme low costs in the international transfer of wealth borderlessly through cyberspace. All functioning without a central entity.

With the recent anger towards past mistaken financial decisions, many question the fabric of ideals that govern national economic policies. Bitcoin is the perfect conduit for building this new economy with democratic money free from rules and regulations. Free from control of the monetary supply.

Bitcoins are highly divisible, cannot be charged back, have a strong privacy model, are international, always running every hour, transparent, fast and secure. Nothing even comes close. Most of all, in this decentralised voluntary network, nobody controls the money supply which as such renders the system incorruptible.

Bitcoin has not been without controversy. Illicit uses & attacks by US senators, a spate of security breaches at a number of influential private companies, Wikileaks adopting them to evade the bank blockade and unregulated gambling sites. The controversy has generated much debate about the cost vs benefit of bitcoin.

Über den Autor Amir Taaki:

Come to our London conference :) bitcoin2012.com - it will be awesome

Here's some of my sourcecode, and a talk about asynchronous programming using proactors with completion handlers for a toolkit based approach in C++ (more info: [1] [2] [3]). In the talk I will not go too much into the technical aspects of bitcoin, but rather expound upon it on the higher level. This technology is pretty awesome and revolutionise everyone's lives. Not only is it a way to kill the evil, but it will bring massive amounts of wealth to society through eliminating friction on wealth transfer and eliminating needless middlemen that merely facilitate transfers and contribute nothing to our economy. Bitcoin is smashingly disruptive and a chaotic good!

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