File-Format Interoperability and LibreOffice

von Thorsten Behrens (The Document Foundation)

Friday, 25.05.2012, Berlin I, 17:30-18:00 Uhr

Otherwise known as Postel's Law, LibreOffice aspires to be as liberal as possible in what, and how, it reads file formats - it nowadays covers most of the formats typically employed in an office setting, and at the same time converts those into the lingua franca Open Document Format. This talk tells you about the ongoing work, and underlying philosophie in that area.

The LibreOffice project considers itself the hub for interchanging files between different platforms and applications - it accepts most files known to mankind in an office setting, even damaged ones, and is able to export into a wide variety of formats, including ODF.

Über den Autor Thorsten Behrens:

Free software enthusiast and hacker by conviction, computer scientist by education, Thorsten has been contributing to free office suite projects since more than ten years. Thorsten is a member of the OASIS ODF technical committee and the ACM.