Userspace I/O and other recent IOMMU developments

von Jörg Rödel (AMD)

Friday, 25.05.2012, London, 14:00-14:30 Uhr

The upcoming Virutal Function I/O framework (VFIO) will allow to write device drivers in userspace when an IOMMU is available in the system. Initiated for writing network card drivers in user-space the code was picked up by the KVM developers to create a general purpose framework for handing devices over to virtualization guests. This talk will explain what VFIO is, how it works, and how the interface to userspace is designed. The talk will also cover other interesting IOMMU developments in the Linux kernel, for example the recently added support for device demand paging or security enhancements. Finally an outlook will be given about upcoming changes and improvements in the generic IOMMU layer.

Über den Autor Jörg Rödel:

Jörg is a Linux kernel developer who enjoys his work at the AMD Operating System Research Center in Dresden, Germany. He started kernel hacking while being at the Chemnitz University of Technology and wrote stuff like a driver for the EtherIP protocol in this time. Since Jörg started working at AMD his interests directed to virtualization.

He wrote and maintains the driver for the AMD IOMMU in the Linux kernel and is an active contributor to KVM. Some of the recent achievements include hacking on KVM memory management to add support for 1GB pages and make KVM memory managemant capable of nested virtualization.