LinuxNacht: The Social Event of LinuxTag

"Italien yards" of Spandau Citadel. Picture: Jwaller, german Wikipedia, CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Sorry about the untranslatable pun: the German "Tag" in "LinuxTag" means both "conference, colloquium" and "day". And it must follow, as the night the day, that the glamorous social highlight of each year's LinuxTag is LinuxNacht! Great food, special music, comfortable places and refreshing drinks are the ingredients that make LinuxNacht the perfect place to chill and chat.

We look forward to seeing you at dusk on the 23rd of May!

  • When: Thursday, May 23rd, from 7 pm till ca. 12 (or will you take it further? ;-)
  • Where: Spandau Citadel, Am Juliusturm 64, 13599 Berlin (see directions below)
  • Who: Every visitor, exhibitor and speaker ist welcome, as well as other open source enthusiasts and those who want to meet them.
  • Costs: 40 Euro including buffet, drinks, show.
    Free projects exhibiting at LinuxTag get 50 percent off (until stock's empty). Please register with project team.
  • Tickets: At LinuxTag cash desk or at the infopoint of the LinuxTag association; at LinuxNacht cash desk at Citadel; via online ticketshop of Messe Berlin.



At the fortress with Open Music

The Shearers. From the left: Matze (Drums), Andi (Backings, Bass), Olli (Vocals, Guitar), Ronny (Backings, Guitar). Picture: Shearer.

This year, we gonna go to the Spandau Citadel. This fortress from the 16th century belongs to the most important in Europe. The italian couryards, where we will stay, surround us with high stone walls and arches. A little bank to Havel and the view from  "Bastion Brandenburg" are additional air places -- inkluding original jakes. Don't worry, they are not in use anymore. ;-)

For the Linuxnacht show we are happy to have found the open music rockband Shearer, who publish their work under Creative Commons since 2006. Are you curious? Take a look at our interview article "Behind the scene - 'Rock inside' at LinuxNacht 2013".

Find your way to LinuxNacht

11 = italian yards, 5 = Bastion Brandenburg (sort of a roof deck). 20 Havel, 21 Lake Spandau. Picture: Presse03, german Wikipedia, CC-by-sa 3.0

Starting at LinuxTag (S Messe Süd):

  • S 5 direction S Spandau, 4 stops till S Spandau
  • Nearby there's the underground stop U Rathaus Spandau
  • Now take a stroll from Rathaus Spandau (the building) through the historic center of Spandau (20 minutes, see map below)
  • Or ride 1 stop from U Rathaus Spandau, direction Rudow, till U Altstadt Spandau
  • From U Altstadt Spandau follow street "Am Juliusturm" to the east (10 minutes)
  • Citadel's gate lies behind a small access road and bridge to your left.
  • After the gate, find the italien yards diagonally on your right, all through the big gravel yard.

Starting at the inner city:

  • Take U 7, direction Spandau, till U Zitadelle
  • From U Zitadelle, follow street "Am Juliusturm" to the west (10 minutes)
  • Citadel's gate lies behind a small access road and bridge to your left.
  • OR ride S 5, direction Spandau, until Spandau - then you pass the LinuxTag stop S Messe Süd. Follow instructions of "Starting at LinuxTag".