Set off your career

LinuxTag fosters the visitor's value, because most of its offers help to build your knowledge of Linux and the open source ecosystem. There is the free conference program, there are workshops, a big job wall and specials like the Hacking Contest and the RootCamp. You find details to LinuxTags own possibilities in the navigation point "Program", many of which will spin your education.


The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offeres its LPIC trials at a reduced price at LinuxTag 2012. In addition, at LinuxTag 2012 will be - for the very first time! - a Beta test of the brand-new LPI Essentials, a new LPI certificate aimed at beginners and those who'd like to gain a broader knowledge of the Linux ecosystem from the start. To learn more about the LPI Essentials program me, visit the LPI Essentials website.

It is also possible again this year at LinuxTag to become a TYPO3 Certified Integrator, with the official certification from the TYPO3 Association. When working with the content-management-system this allows to better judge the knowledge and ability of of web agencies/consultants. Further information can be found on the TYPO3-certification-website.

Request a participation certificate

The visit of the LinuxTag 2012 is recognised as an educational vacation. Interested people can receive the notification via e-mail. For that reason please send a message to Mrs. Garbe (

The proof of the participation itself will be handed out to you at the LinuxTag 2012. Please enquire it at the fair management. 
Or alternatively: If you need an official certificate of your participation, please scann your ticket and send it as well your adress at:

Event tips around LinuxTag

Casp/Wikipedia, CC-BY-SA

Berlin is worth a stay - you know that. In case you'd like to visit yet another event during your time at Berlin, we have some suggestions for you. Be aware, that you will have to look at the event page to find out if its targeted at an international audience. 

And if you know of an event (for hacking, for learning, or just for being together in the community) that should be listet here, drop us a mail. Time window is apps. May 19th until the begin of June. There should be an URL, the event should be in Berlin of course, and the date should not fall into the LinuxTag period (May 23rd - 26th). 

18. - 19. Mai, free
Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2012
More Info (external Link)

19. - 20. Mai 2012, with costs
The Hive - European Blog Conference
More Info (external Link) 

30. Mai, free
Eclipse Integrated Development Day 2012
More Info (external Link) 

1. - 2. Juni, free
Random Hacks of Kindness (Benefiz Hackathon)
More Info (external Link)

4. - 5. Juni, with costs
Berlin Buzzwords 2012 (conference about scalable data analysis, NoSQL, data in the Cloud)
More Info (externer Link)