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Building Mobile Apps in minutes, Social Coding with appMode.

von Flame Herbohn (appMode project)

Saturday, 26.05.2012, London, 14:00-14:45 Uhr

appMode allows just about anyone to build mobile apps in minutes. In fact, the system is so easy to get started with that even a novice developer can build a "Hello World" app in under 45 seconds, without having to download or install anything. But it's not the core appMode system that allows such rapid development of Mobile Apps, it's the power of Social Coding, the tightly integrated Developers Marketplace, and most importantly the developers who contribute to the development ecosystem by building reusable widgets.

This talk will begin with a live demonstration of building a Mobile App in under 45 seconds, followed by a discussion of Mobile App Social Coding, the appMode Developers Marketplace, and most importantly how developers can contribute and earn money from their open-source development work. It will focus on the the benefits of Mobile App Social Coding and the underlying concepts rather than delving too deeply in to the technology involved.

Über den Autor Flame Herbohn:

Flame, is an award winning senior IT consultant with over 15 years experience in Software Development, Systems Administration and Project Management. He is an open source geek, was a co-founder of PHPMelb, past-President of Brisbane PHP UG and has presented talks at a number of open source conferences.

Flame co-founded the open-source automotive hacking website GeekMyRide.org and presented his Linux equipped Nissan 300zx at Linux.conf.au in 2009. His future plans for GeekMyRide involve installing open-source geek upgrades into a military tank.

Flame is originally from Australia but is now based in London (UK) and Riga (Latvia).

Currently using:
Development Languages : Python 2.6, JavaScript 1.8.5
Desktop OS : Linux Mint 12
Server Environment : Google App Engine (Python)