Audio and video

We are happy to provide many audio and video files from the conference. The openSUSE project recorded room Europa 2, and the Beuth Hochschule für Technik took care of the Open Source Arena.

We stored all files on an external server, where - BTW - audios and videos from past events are stored, too. The Videos from 2012 are sorted by days. At the moment, only low-res versions are available.

There are audio files in OGG and in MP3 format. So, all audio files are sorted by format, then day, and then room.

So - have fun with the LinuxTag talks, even if LinuxTag is over! The files are stored at:

One note: Sometimes people ask us to provide a complete set of talks, in fact in format xyz. Now - feedback is really, really important for us. But if there's something that we don't do, then the reason is probably, that there was not enough manpower for that. So! If you wish for example, that the LinuxTag talks are available in format xyz, then join us - and make it possible!