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OCFS2: Status and Overview

von Lenz Grimmer (Oracle Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG)

Thursday, 24.05.2012, London, 10:00-10:45 Uhr

OCFS2, Oracle's general-purpose shared-disk cluster file system for Linux has come a long way since its development started in 2003. Distributed under the GPL and part of the mainline Linux Kernel, it is also included in Oracle Linux and plays a vital role in products like Oracle VM, Oracle RAC or E-Business Suite. This presentation will provide a general technical overview as well as an update on the latest developments. Attendees will learn about the features and improvements that set OCFS2 apart from other Linux-based cluster file systems, including:

- Heartbeat implementation: global vs. local heartbeats - Storage optimizations: Extent-based Allocations, Hole punching, Reflinks

Über den Autor Lenz Grimmer:

Lenz does product management for Oracle Linux. He is located in Hamburg, Germany and joined Oracle via the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010. Lenz has been a member of the MySQL Group for 9 years. He came to MySQL AB as a release engineer in 2002 and then moved to the MySQL Community Relations team in 2005. Prior to MySQL AB, he worked at SuSE Linux AG in Nuremberg for four years, as a distribution core developer and evangelist. He started working with Linux and free software during his computer science studies in 1995 and has been using it as his primary operating system since then.