Effective Collaboration

Best Practices at LinuxTag 2012

Field reports from IT decision makers, for IT decision makers. For two days, May 23 and 24, 2012, the focus at Europe’s leading meeting point for the open-source industry is on reports and case studies from companies and government agencies. Professional speakers address issues they met and mastered using open-source solutions and during migration processes.

Please note that presentations are in English and German, depending on the speaker. The language of each talk is visualised using the German or British/American flag in the upper right corner.

Heads & Topics

This year LinuxTag already presents three tracks on the business and administration congress which are really worthwhile to see:

  1. the traditional business and administration congress (23. + 24. May)
  2. the open valley berlin-Track (New) on 23. May and
  3. the Open Minds Economy-Track on 24. May 2012.

Open Source moves:
Public Sector. Industry. Business.

  • The 23. and 24. May deal with topics like:
  • „Wege aus dem Lizenz-Dschungel“
  • „Freie Software im täglichen Einsatz“
  • „ITIL und Freie Software“

Open-IT „Made in Berlin“

  • Berlin is intended to become the Silicon Valley of Europe.
  • LinuxTag challenges the politicians words and puts with open valley berlin a face on the vision.
  • On 23. May 2012 local IT innovations, stories of success and case studies get a chance to speak.

Added value by cooperation

  • A cooperation with the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA)
  • The 24. May 2012 puts focus on the discussion about definition, conditions, factors of success and barriers of open collaboration within the industry, science and community.
  • Thematic priorities are: „Open source creates sustainable value“ –
    „Open education perspectives“ – „Open innovation discussion“