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29.07.2012 13:05
LinuxTag e.V.

LinuxTag e.V. has put the documents from the talks and recordings from LinuxTag 2012 on our webpage.

After the event, the team from LinuxTag puts online all papers and documents that the speaker submitted. You can poke through approximately 60 talks in retrospective. A small excerpt from http://www.linuxtag.org/2012/de/program/program/vortragsunterlagen.html:

  • Frank Sundermeyer - DocBook Publishing and Authoring Made Easy with DAPS
  • Harald König - Linux-Versteher dank Strace (Understanding Linux thanks to Strace, german language)
  • Helene Tamer - Management von Open-Source-Lizenzen in einem großen Software-Haus (managing Open-Source-Licenses in a big software company, german language)
  • Michael Meeks - LibreOffice: Collaboration and hacking with us
  • Peter Hofmann - Wie wird Linux am Desktop business-tauglich (How does Linux on the desktop become suitable for business, german language)
  • Ulrich Schmidt - HTML5 Offline: Fallstricke für mobile Webseiten und WebApps (HTML5 Offline: Traps for mobile webpages and webapps, german language)
  • Wolfgang Both - Open Data Portal Berlin
  • Roman Geber - CouchDB and CouchApps
  • Ulrich Drepper - Fast, less-complicated, lock-free data structures

The same applies to our video recordings: LinuxTag is happy to announce that the openSUSE-Projekt as well as the Beuth engineering college recorded the talks from certain lecture halls. We have as well generated audio recordings from almost all talks in all rooms or extracted them from the videos. We put these audio and video files on an external server:  http://linuxtag.mirror.speedpartner.de/ 

The 2012-talks from hall 'Europa 2' are sorted by date. As for now we only have low resoltion versions of the videos. The audio files are stored separately in MP3 and OGG directories and are sorted by day and room.

Happy poking!

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