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21.04.2011 09:46
Nils Magnus

The Land of Berlin approves attendance at the LinuxTag trade fair and conference as educational leave – certificates from the specialists – free workshops Berlin, 20 April 2011 – At LinuxTag, Europe’s leading trade fair and conference on Linux open source and free software, which will be taking place from 11 to 14 May in Berlin, numerous job and training opportunities at all levels will be on offer to Linux experts and those aspiring to become one.

Here they will be able to engage hands-on in free workshops, take tutorials which will help them advance to their exams, check for posts on a job vacancy board, or make direct contact with companies.

Certificates from the specialists

At LinuxTag 2011 the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will be offering entrants to take exams at budget rates. They are stages LPIC-1and LPIC-2 in German and English, level three LPIC-3 in English and the Univention certified professional exam in German. The examination fees are approximately half those of standard test centre prices. Exams will be held on Thursday and Friday, three times a day. No entry deadlines have been fixed. However, there are only limited places.

Certified Typo3 integrators give their users a sense of security. Anyone familiar with Typo3 knows it is both a powerful and complex content management system. Users’ levels of expertise with Typo3 can be certified at LinuxTag. The Typo3 community has put together an extensive test in the shape of a questionnaire, which tests candidates’ knowledge of Typo3 TypoScript, their use of templates, and asks questions about installation and administration.

The details and cost of obtaining these certificates which supply proof of participants’ specialist knowledge can be found at the end of this press release.

The certificates attest to candidates’ knowledge on how to conduct development, installation, optimization, monitoring and maintenance using a Linux-based client and server system infrastructure.

Exam workshops at LinuxTag

EGILIA teaches technology and management subjects in preparation for official certification. At LinuxTag 2011 candidates can not only take their LPI exams, but at all-day workshops organized by LinuxTag and EGILIA can also repeat relevant subjects and go over exam questions to ensure best possible preparation for the day of the tests. The deadline for registrations is 26 April 2011.

Academy-Day for career starters on 14 May

Among other things, 14 May will  be devoted to career starters. Academy-Day will feature IT and open source companies in the Open Source Arena. The first event scheduled for Academy Day is career planning for computer scientists. This will be followed by an open source company outlining its mission. A lecture entitled "a day as a software architect" will be providing insights into this career and offering valuable tips for newcomers. Besides the Open Source Arena visitors can also check out the 11-metre long vacancy board for jobs with potential employers, many of whom will also be represented at LinuxTag.

LinuxTag approved as educational leave

The 17th edition of LinuxTag will once again live up to its reputation as an event that offers valuable training opportunities. For the fourth time in succession the Land of Berlin has approved attendance at the trade fair and conference as educational leave. Those wishing to make use of this opportunity should register their attendance on the LinuxTag website and will subsequently receive confirmation at the fair.

Free workshops

Participants will be receiving first-hand knowledge at the LinuxTag workshops, which are independently organized by members of the Linux community. On 11 May visitors to LinuxTag will be able to find out about GNU R statistics software and on 12 May can take initial GPU programming steps with NVIDIA CUDA. The members of the Relax and Recover disaster recovery project will be meeting at LinuxTag for the first time. On 11 May they will be exchanging user experiences, and on 12 May will talk about future strategic prospects. They welcome the arrival of new members. On Saturday, 14 May interested visitors will be able to get to grips with the Debian Security Tracker, and with experts assisting will develop their first modules for OTRS process administration.

On Wednesday, personnel managers will be interested to hear the reports of their colleagues on the practical aspects of organizing Linux and open source certification. LPI e.V. and FSuB e.V./ Sklolelinux will be addressing educational institutions at a workshop on Saturday. They will report on their experiences and possible uses for  Skolelinux in school networks. An LPI workshop will be focusing on the topic of setting LPIC exams, with an emphasis on the latest Linux Basics and LPI Virtualization and Cluster Technician exams.

System administrators eager to advance their knowledge should take particular note of the new Admin Best Practices format, part of a programme of lectures on 12 May, where they can find out about tackling everyday issues, for instance the most important steps on how to install IPv6 and IMAP, plus they can listen to introductions on monitoring and configuration management. A lecture entitled "Finding errors - a strategic guide" will teach young administrators and ex-Windows users how to move forward systematically when looking for configuration errors on Linux systems. The Admin Updates track on Friday will help the experts among system administrators to assess whether upgrading to Postfix 2.8, Apache 2.4, Dovecot 2.0, MySQL 5.5, Samba 4 and Tomcat 7 is worth their while.

Details of exams and reduced-rate fees

Candidates must pay 80 euros for each LPIC-1, LPIC-2, 302, 303 and 304 exam, and 100 euros for the 301 exam. LPIC tutorials prepare entrants for the 101 and 102 exams. Here candidates will be going over exam questions with experienced lecturers and preparing for the day of the tests. LinuxTag e.V. and the Egilia advanced training institute  are the co-organizers of these tutorials at LinuxTag. The LPIC-1 101 and LPIC-1 102 tutorials are all-day events which will take place on Wednesday, 11 and Thursday, 12 May. Included in the fee of 250 euros per tutorial are midday meals, coffee, relevant materials and a certificate of attendance. The deadline for registrations is 26 April 2011.

For candidates who wish to take the Typo3 Integrators exam, this will be held on Saturday, 14 May, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The examination fee is 200 euros - 150 euros for members of the Typo3 Association – and as with the LPI exam the fee must be paid directly at the event. For organizational purposes candidates’ registrations are required.

More details on advanced training and careers at LinuxTag is available at

About LinuxTag

LinuxTag is Europe’s leading specialist trade fair and conference for all aspects of open source Linux and free software. This four-day event has been taking place since 1996, and since 2007 it has been held annually on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. It offers the very latest information for professional users, decision-makers, developers, newcomers and the community. In addition to the programme of papers and a separate conference for business and public sector authorities, LinuxTag traditionally includes an exhibition featuring projects and companies associated with the open source sector.  Verein LinuxTag e.V. is the non-commercial organizer of the event, which it stages jointly with Messe Berlin GmbH. More information is available at

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