LinuxTag 2012: Highlight-Report is online

18.04.2012 14:39

• New solutions for professional users • Numerous updates and previews • Various opportunities for further education • Opportunity for identity checks • Tux is also present • LinuxTag from 23. until 26. May in Berlin

Berlin, 17. April 2012 – Numerous new products and trends around Linux and Open Source are offered at the 18. LinuxTag from 23. – 26. May 2012 in Berlin. The Highlight-Report of the LinuxTag presents – arranged alphabetically by participant name – selected exhibits, services and offers from the companies and projects. The first 14 posts are now available under The compilation will be updated regularly with further news and pictures until the exhibition.

Two-factor authentication and interactive police patrol cars
This is how tarent solutions has developed the central components of an “interactive police patrol car” for the central service of the police of Brandenburg. PolarIS, the police, automobile-based resource-controlling IT-system, was developed using only Open Source components. LSE LinOTP is an Open Source-based two-factor authentication solution of LSE Leading Security Experts. Due to their modular and manufacturer-independent design, it supports tokens of any manufacturer for the authentication with one-time passwords. The Deutsche Informatik Akademie (=German Computer Sciences Academy) will provide information about further education offers for professionals and executives at the LinuxTag 2012. This concerns, for example, all relevant topics about the development of high-quality software and robust architectures. ProfitBricks will present a recently founded ProfitBricks Academy at the exhibition. It offers a free six-month intensive further education to become a Linux system administrator to qualified trainees.

The module KIX4OTRS by c.a.p.e. IT makes service processes more user friendly, more capable of being integrated and faster. It incorporates many improvements for the standard-OTRS, which are based on an usability-study as well as on user suggestions. GONICUS can link at the enterprise vitrualisation to the implementation of Germany’s first RHEV 3.0 project as a Red Hat partner. In the field of Voice over IP, the company engages itself with the integration of language as a software-service in IT processes. Open-Xchange is going to present its new server edition at the LinuxTag 2012. It is aimed at middle-sized and big companies, which need an individual communication solution. Current main topics  of the specialised books of the O’Reilly Verlag (= O’Reilly Publisher) are the programming of software, websites and mobile applications, operating systems, networks, digital photography and social media.

Hellfire 2012-05 and professional meeting management
The Kanotix Community will bring again an update to the LinuxTag: this time the release 2012-05 of the current Stable-series Kanotix Hellfire, which is based on Debian Squeeze. Also present will be a 3.2 Kernel and newer versions of Iceweasel, Icedove and Pidgin. Community members of openSUSE are going to present a short preview of the upcoming version 12.2 at the exhibition. The tablet-surface KDE Plasma Active and the new GNOME 3.4 will also be on display. At the stand of CAcert the identity checks, needed for the Web of Trust, will take place at the LinuxTag. At the same time the team at the stand will give tips on how to integrate the CAcert-certificate in typical programs.

OpenSlides is a free, web-based presentation system for professional representation and controlling of agendas, applications and elections of events. Advantage over conventional office presentation systems: the assembly line controls and processes all content interactively via an redaction system in the browser. At the stand of m23, the distribution system for Linux, at the exhibition, a three-dimensional diagram will pictorially describe the functionality of the software. Members of the m23-team will demonstrate the program and answer user questions. Apart from that Tux will be present as a quizmaster. FreeBSD® is looking back at a 30-year development history, the operating system for modern servers, desktops, appliances and embedded computer platforms. It is the basis for an extensive ecosystem of specialised progeny.

About the LinuxTag
The LinuxTag is Europe’s leading exhibition and conference on topics relating to Linux and Open Source. The four-day event has been taking place since 1996, annually on the Berlin fair grounds since 2007. It offers updates for professional users, decision makers, developers, beginners and the community. The LinuxTag association is the ideal host for the event and is doing so alongside with the Messe Berlin VLC. For more information pelase visit

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