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A special LinuxTag publication is the highlight report, which appears both as online and as print copy.

Benefits and Effects

The LinuxTag is a continuously growing, renowned, internationally recognized open source event with great resonance.
The highlight report is read online by journalists and media representatives, fair visitors as well as technically interested people, potential cooperation partners and competitors both in Germany as well as abroad. The free standard-entry includes a text with a maximum of 800 characters and a picture in printable resolution.

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For updates: 28.03. and 25.04.2012
For the end copy of online both online and print copy: 03.05.2012

Contact for the Highlight Report

The LinuxTag highlight report is compiled by the AM-com editorial office on behalf of the Berlin fair. Please send your text and picture material for the standard or premium entry via E-Mail to: info@am-com-de. If you have any further questions, they will gladly be answered by Dr. Andreas Müller under the number +49-30-47756368.

Contact for Questions about Public Relations

Wolfgang Wagner, Public Relations Officer LinuxTag
Phone: +49-30-30382277, E-Mail: wagner@messe-berlin.de

News & Trends: exhibitor articles LinuxTag 2012

From 23. Until 26. May the LinuxTag 2012 offers news and trends related to Linux and Open Source. The highlight-report presents - arranged alphabetically by participant name – selected exhibits, services and offers from the companies and projects. The compilation will be updated regularly with further news and pictures until the start of the fair.

Solutions and Trends about the Topic Enterprise 2.0

How can a company’s IT future look like? Konstantin Böhm, CEO of Ancud IT-Consulting PLC, is going to present solutions and trends about the topic Enterprise 2.0 in his lecture at the LinuxTag 2012, on the second day, 24.05.2012 in the Open Source Arena. Thereby he will go into the topic of cultural change in companies and the resulting IT requirements. Instead of heavyweight monolith from the last century, agile, network-centric solutions based on open source are being developed. At the booth of Ancud IT, interested visitors can also receive information about the topic Enterprise 2.0 / network-centric, agile IT. The booth team will also be exhibiting agile Enterprise-Communities with Lifery, network-centric integration with Mule ESB, web-based monitoring with Jaspersoft and business process modelling with BPMN.

Ancud IT-Beratung PLC, D-Nürnberg
Contact: Christine König, Telephone: +49-911-2525680
E-Mail: info@ancud.de
Internet: www.ancud.de

BeLUG-members in a conversation with Richard Stallman

Self-generated 3D-effect

With the 3D-Webcam-Project of the BeLUG association, interested parties can create the 3D-effect themselves with the help of two standard webcams. In this process, one should emphasise, it is possible to understand every single step to the finished image: a highlight for experimenters. With the Video Disk Recorder based on the same software (VDR), there is the possibility to use a computer as a digital video recorder. The software can be extended with custom plug-ins. At the LinuxTag 2012, the BeLUG is going to provide, together with Till Kampeter of Open Printing, a print service, which can be used by the visitors. There is the option to print using the web interface BeLUG or to set up the printer on the local system. (Picture: BeLUG members in discussion with Richard Stallman after a lecture about eBooks in June 2011 in Berlin.)

BeLUG association, D-Berlin
Contact: Ralf Vögtle, E-Mail: kontakt@belug.de
Internet: www.belug.de

CAcert-Certificate for The Document Foundation

Identity checks for the Web of Trust

CAcert is a community-based certificate exhibitor, for example, for the operation for web- and e-mail-servers. Furthermore, client certificates for securing e-mail correspondence and documents, as well as code-certificates for software developers will be issued. The, for the Web of Trust required, identity-checks will take place at the stand at the LinuxTag 2012. Therefore officially issued documents are required, such as an identity card, passport or driving license. At the same time the stand-team is giving tips on how to integrate the CAcert certificate in typical programs. As certificate-exhibitor is CAcert especially dependent on trust. At the LinuxTag, interested people can learn about the measures, how their personal data is being protected, especially in a Web of Trust.

Contact: Alexander Bahlo, E-Mail: pr@cacert.org
Internet: www.cacert.org

KIX4OTRS 4.1 – second largest additional module for OTRS

The Module KIX4OTRS of the c.a.p.e. IT PLC makes service-processes more user friendly, more capable of being integrated and faster. It incorporates many improvements for the standard OTRS, which are based on an usability study. This includes the simple navigation using tabs and tree structures such as the opportunity to provide process documents for customers and service employees with “quick tickets”, to use text templates context-dependent or to staple IT inventory with a click to the process. The intelligent integration of data from CRM, ERP, telephone systems, and inventory of knowledge bases in KIX4OTRS accelerates the service work many times. Advantages: cost reduction in service and friendlier help desk.

c.a.p.e. IT GmbH, D-Chemnitz
Contact: Yvonne Förster, Phone: +49-371-5347620
E-Mail: info@cape-it.de
Internet: www.cape-it.de

Custom-made further education

Further education for professionals and executives

Cross-vendor and product neutral seminars and practical workshops for professionals and executives of the IT and computer science are being offered by the ‘Deutsche Informatik Akademie’ (= German Computer Sciences Academy), a subsidiary of the ‘Gesellschaft für Informatik’ (= Company for Computer Sciences), all across Germany with their trainer and speaker network from research and practice. At the LinuxTag 2012 interested people can inform themselves about special offers for further education. This applies, for example, all relevant issues about the development of high quality software and robust architectures, as well as cross-section themes such as IT project management, product management or legal knowledge for IT project managers. In addition, the ‘Deutsche Informatik Akademie’ will moderate the Academy Day at the LinuxTag on the 26. May, and is available for any further concerns or questions about the topic “Trends in IT – training”.

Deutsche Informatik-Akademie GmbH, D-Bonn
Contact: Alexander Rabe, Phone: +49-228-302143
E-Mail: alexander.rabe@dia-bonn.de
Internet: www.dia-bonn.de

Premiere of Fedora 17 „Beefy Miracle“ at the LinuxTag 2012

The worldwide Fedora community is proud to present Fedora 17 “Beefy Miracle”. The publication is going to take place on the 22. May – matching the LinuxTag 2012. Interested parties can look forward to many new features and the currently newest technological developments for Linux. This includes, for example, automatic multi-seat-support, support for ICC colour profiles in the CUPS printer server and functions such as bonding, bridging, VLANs and IP-over-Infiniband in the NetworkManager. DNSSEC for workstations, a new firewall, uniform password policies, home directories for temporary files and virtual sandboxes will be available as new security features. In addition, many components have been updated, for example the GNOME desktop to version 3.4, the image editing program GIMP to version 2.8 and the programming languages PHP 5.4 and Ruby 1.9.3.

Fedora Project
Contact: Christoph Wickert, E-Mail: cwickert@fedoraproject.org
Internet: www.fedoraproject.org


Forth on the TI Launchpad Board

How Forth can be used on the IT Launchpad Board, will be explained by members of the Forth association at the LinuxTag 2012 in a little workshop at the booth. This, very inexpensive, microprocessor board has an USB interface and a MSP430-microcontroller. It can be purchased for less than five Euros and can be used for various handicraft works. How the board can be interactively programmed with the Forth language, will be demonstrated. Furthermore, those who are interested will receive information about Open Source Forth-projects, such as GNU Forth, GLForth (Forth on Linux with OpenGL interface for game programming) and amForth (Forth for the well-known Arduino Boards). Even a self-made “Pick’n’Place”-Robot with Forth-control can be seen at the booth. He plays nine men’s morris or other board games and works with an almost magical grasp function.

Forth Gesellschaft e.V.
Contact: Carsten Strotmann, E-Mail: carsten@strotmann.de
Internet: www.forth-ev.de


Free of licencing cost Clous

The free of licencing cost cloud of the FOSS-Group makes the storage-, server- and client-virtualisation available. It virtualises the Windows operating systems in the 32- and 64-bit version as well as Linux as 32- and 64- bit version. Among the outstanding feature of the FOSS-Cloud is one of the high-performance architecture, wich has an extremely economical use of resources. From the high scalability optimal values for the availability and performance result. The developers point out that their offer represents the cost-efficient alternative to commercial software solutions such as Citrix or VMware. In addition, potential savings of up to 20 per cent occur. The FOSS-Cloud can be expanded to a complete end-user-services-platform with directory-, file-, print- and mail-services. It is multilingual, modular and simplifies administration.

FOSS-Group Goslar GmbH, D-Goslar
Contact: Paul Hiltmann, Telephone: +49-5321-7099877
E-Mail: info@foss-group.de
Internet: www.foss-group.de

Advanced Operating System

FreeBSD® is an advanced operating system for modern servers, desktops, appliances and embedded computer platforms. It looks back on a 30-year long development-history and is being further developed by a large team of volunteers. FreeBSD is the basis for an extensive ecosystem of specialised progeny. These include for example the firewall pfSense, the PC-BSD-desktop and the FreeNAS Storage Appliance. The operating system offers highly developed network features, exceptional security features and very high speed. It comes into operation on some of the largest and busiest websites and is present in many embedded networking and storage solutions.  The current version FreeBSD 9.0 can be downloaded from “www.freebsd.org”.

Contact: Dru Lavigne, E-Mail: dru@freebsd.org
Internet: www.freebsd.org

Linux-Services on land, sea and air

Particular challenges in unusual environments characterise GONICUS. This also includes, besides the traditional data centre, the use on board of aircrafts or cruise ships. In addition to the consulting and implementation business, are the following topics focused on: enterprise virtualisation, VoIP integration as well as client- and system-management. The specialist from Arnsberg for Linux and Open Source software can refer to the implementation of Germany’s first RHEV 3.0-project as a Red Hat-partner at the enterprise virtualisation. In the field of Voice over IP, GONICUS is engaged with the integration of speech as a software-service in IT processes. The certified support, maintenance and development completes it’s product range.

GONICUS GmbH, D-59755 Arnsberg
Kontakt: Susanne Korb, Telefon: +49-2932-916140
E-Mail: korb@GONICUS.de
Internet: www.GONICUS.de

Horde Groupware mit Mobil-Unterstützung

Improved user interface and new designs

The latest Release 5.0 of the groupware-suite Horde was released in May 2012 and is coming with an improved user interface and a new design. After focusing on technical improvements and a more flexible distribution, as well as installation in Horde 4.0, the new version waits with a unified and modernised surface. Horde 5.0 also offers further improvements in the support of mobile browsers of the iPad, iPhone or Android-based systems and many detail improvements in the single groupware components. The main objective in the development of the Horde-Frameworks are solid, standard conform applications. A major emphasis is placed on easy integration in existing systems. This has made Horde to the most flexible Open-Source-Groupware, according to the developers.

Contact: Jan Schneider, E-Mail: jan@horde.org
Internet: www.horde.org

"MiniRZ auf dem LinuxTag 2011"

Open Source Cloud Computing at the MiniRZ

As last year at the LinuxTag 2011, the inovex PLC is again going to have its “MiniRZ” in use at their booth. It is a fully functional, miniaturized data centre, with which the inovex-Team is going to demonstrate live its expertise on the subject “Open Source in the data centre”. This year, the brand new Ubuntu Release 12.04 including the new Bare Metal solution MaaS is going to be presented on the new MiniRZ. It enables the automated rollout of an own cloud-infrastructure. Apart from that, the OpenStack-version Essex has been rolled out on the portable data centre, so that the mini-data centre MiniRZ is now a MiniRZ cloud. Based on these installations, the experts of inovex are going to demonstrate, which possibilities are provided by a private cloud and how they work in detail.

inovex GmbH, D-Pforzheim
Contact: Matthias Albert, Telephone: +49-173-3181022
E-Mail: info@inovex.de
Internet: www.inovex.de

Hellfire 2012-05 and Preview on Dragonfire

For LinuxTag 2012 Kanotix will present an update release 2012-05 of the current stable series Kanotix Hellfire (Debian Squeeze based). On board will be a 3.2 kernel, updated versions of Iceweasel, Icedove and Pidgin. In addition there will be the latest version of LibreOffice 3.5.

Beside Kanotix Hellfire you will see a preview of the current development state of the Hellfire successor Kanotix Dragonfire. Kanotix Dragonfire will base on Debian 7 alias Wheezy. Currently we offer live images to test Kanotix Dragonfire with KDE 4.8 based backports. Another highlight could be the first preview of a Kanotix version with LXDE instead of KDE as default desktop environment.

Kontakt: Jörg Schirottke, E-Mail: master@kanotix.com
Internet: www.kanotix.com

Increasing Stability and Performance

Since almost two years ago the Document Foundation exists and the by it sponsored free Office-Software LibreOffice. After the first year was mainly dedicated to the design and structuring, the beginning of 2012 was focused on one hand on the formal establishment of the foundation and on the other hand to bring in the modernised and renewed processes in the development of the software – and thus enable a more efficient collaboration. This also means increasing stability and performance of the software, and thus the better ability to respond to the needs of users. At the same time, new goals are becoming visible at the top of the horizon. The online version and the porting of Android-based tablets are only two of the planned projects.

Contact: Florian Effenberger, Telephone: +49-30 609856720
E-Mail: info@documentfoundation.org
Internet: www.documentfoundation.org

“Beta”-tests of LPI Linux Essentials

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Bronze Partner of the LinuxTag 2012, calls on volunteers to participate in the first “Beta”-test for the new certification Linux Essentials at the LinuxTag in Berlin. Linux Essentials is an innovative program, with whose help the basic knowledge in Linux and Open Source can be tested. These “Beta”-tests are offered for free. At each session the number of seats is limited to a maximum of ten. The process takes at the most two hours and consists of 80 questions. To participate a pre-registration at http://lpievent.lpice.eu is required. More information about LPI Linux Essential can be found on the web: http://www.lpice.eu/lpi-certification-contents/exam-linux-essentials-objectives.html.

Linux Professional Institute (LPI), D-Kassel
Contact: Klaus Behrla, Telephone: +49-561-8070050
E-Mail: info@lpice.eu
Internet: www.lpice.eu

Open Source-based two-factor authentication

LSE LinOTP is an Open Source-based two-factor authentication. Due to its modular and vendor-independent design, it supports the token of any manufacturer for authentication with one-time passwords. Being based on Linux and open standards makes LinOTP flexible and highly scalable and suitable for the use both in small environments and large corporations, as well as internet- and application service providers. This is also reflected in the recently released appliance, which will be on display at the LinuxTag 2012. LinOTP will cover the topic of identification proof even stronger in the future and support further factors for a strong authentication, emphasized the exhibitor. Thereby RIF, Near Field Communication and biometric procedures would also be on the roadmap next to the identification proof via Smartcard.

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, D-Darmstadt
Contact: Cornelius Kölbel, Phone: +49-6151-90670
E-Mail: cornelius.koelbel@lsexperts.de
Internet: www.lsexperts.de

"Engagement im Bereich Open Source"

Microsoft: “We have changed”

23, 300,000 & 3 – this is the formula which brings about the LinuxTag-engagement of Microsoft. Three numbers and three responses: 23 of the 25 most downloaded OSS projects run on Windows; the Microsoft Open Source platform CodePlex recorded more than 300,000 registered users; and Microsoft is sponsoring the LinuxTag for the third time with a blogger lounge on site, to build a bridge to the OSS community. In its this year’s keynote, James Utzschneider, General Manager Open Source at Microsoft, wants to demonstrate once again that the company has changed and become more open – under the slogan “We have changed”. Microsoft is counting on the collaboration with standardisation boards, Open Source communities as well as interoperability and openness of the systems. Detailed information can be found on the internet:

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, D-Munich
Contact: Andreas Urban, E-Mail: andreas.urban@microsoft.com
Internet: microsoft.com/germany

Tux as a quizmaster

At the stand of m23, the software distribution system for Linux, Tux will be there in person. As a quizmaster he is going to ask the visitors in an amusing and entertaining quiz about Linux, the world of computers and also the presented software. For successful participants Tux even has small surprises. On an ice floe the little penguin will be watching over a lot box – and every evening the draw will decide the daily winner of a geeky T-shirt. Apart from that, there are multifaceted information available at the booth: A three-dimensional diagram which pictorially describes the functionality of the software, participants of the m23-team will demonstrate the program and will answer user questions. Apart from that visitors of the stand can get information for reading later on.

m23 Softwareverteilung
Contact: Hauke Goos-Habermann, E-Mail: hhabermann@pc-kiel.de
Internet: www.m23.sourceforge.net

Successful with Open Source – Participate now

open it berlin as umbrella brand for the sphere of activity Open Source / Open Standards offers with www.open-it-berlin.de an opportunity to ever Open Source-protagonist to present their selves and their solutions, to bundle activities and to increase their visibility. For the end of the summer 2012 open it berlin has planned a matching Best Practice-brochure. Success stories are still being looked for. Anyone who wants to participate, just register under www.open-it-berlin.de as a protagonist and upload a success story. The best are then being printed in the brochure. Success stories live can be seen at the LinuxTag 2012 on the 23. May from 2 p.m. onwards in the Open Source-Arena.  Here, the public funded network open source berlin and open it berlin are going to present  exciting success stories from various Open Source companies from Berlin under the slogan “Problem solved! Thanks to free software.”

open it berlin
Contact: Michael Stamm, Telephone: +49-30-46302414
E-Mail: stamm@tsb-berlin.de
Internet: www.open-it-berlin.de


Bundled Open Source know-how

This year, the network open source berlin is again as an exhibitor at the LinuxTag. With its partners akquinet tech@spree PLC, run Software-Werkstatt PLC, science + computing association, SerNet PLC, tarent solutions PLC and the TSB innovation agency Berlin PLC as networkmanager combine the network Berlin innovation and bundled Open Source know-how. The network partners are specialists in their field and together the optimal contact for big projects in the field of Open Source software. Together with the series of events meet & greet with open source berlin, people interested in politics, public administration and companies with current Open Source themes are being informed. open source berlin being funded under the joint agreement to “improve the regional economic structure” (GRW) with federal and state funds and is open to new partners.

open source berlin
Contact: Wendi Wüstemann, Telephone: +49-30-46302499
E-Mail: wuestemann@tsb-berlin.de
Internet: www.opensourceberlin.de

Screenshot agenda

Professionally manage meetings

OpenSlides is a free, web-based presentation system for the professional illustration and control of the agenda, requests and elections of an event. The decisive advantage over conventional office presentation systems: the direction of the meeting controls and processes all content interactively by a reaction system in the browser. The presentation mode on the projector does not have to be left for changes. A big strength of the software is the increasing of interactivity and transparency by incorporating the present participants: each participant can log in to OpenSlides with his or her mobile phone and, for example, read proposals, election results of the current agenda. Download and further information can be found on the official website “www.openslides.org”.

Contact: Emanuel Schütze, Phone: +49-541-335083746
E-Mail: emanuel.schuetze@intevation.de
Internet: www.openslides.org

openSUSE-Conference 2011

Current Desktops

Community members of openSUSE are going to present a preview of the coming Version 12.2. Furthermore, the tablet surface KDE Plasma Active, as well as the new GNOME 3.4 will be displayed. Further current Linux-Software will also be presented. Apart from that, the visitors of the fair can inform themselves about the development of tools. This concerns for example the Open Build Service (packaging of 27 Linux distributions), Studio (build your own OS in your browser) and Tumbleweed (“Rolling Release” for openSUSE). – openSUSE is a global community that promotes the usage of Linux and develops Linux even further. Interested people are invited to use the distribution and tolls, to develop and above all to be part of the community.

Contact: Jos Poortvliet, Phone: +49-173-5876834
E-Mail: jos@opensuse.org
Internet: www.opensuse.org


Individual communication solution

Open-Xchange offers scalable and integrated E-Mail- and collaboration-solutions based on Open Source to companies, academic institutions and the government. The software combines E-Mail, scheduling, contact- and task-management with an intelligent document management in an integrated application. Open-Xchange users have, due to appropriate extensions, anytime and anywhere and on virtually any mobile device access to their data. At the LinuxTag 2012, the company will show its Open-Xchange Server Edition. It is aimed at medium-sized to large organisations, which need a customised communication solution. In addition, the exhibitor will present its Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition, a “turn-key” and cost-effective complete solution for small- and medium-sized companies.

Open-Xchange AG, D-Nürnberg
Contact: Christian Egle, Phone: +49-9123-9996520
E-Mail: ce@frische-fische.com
Internet: www.open-xchange.de

Oracle Linux 6 and Solaris 11, as well as MySQL

The software developer is going to be present at the LinuxTag 2012 with the Oracle Tehcnology Network (OTN) as a bronze sponsor. At the booth, experts are going to demonstrate amongst others the following products: the operating systems Oracly Linux 6 and Oracle Solaris 11, as well as the database MySQL. Oracle Linux is an innovative, reliable and powerful Linux, which is optimized for Oracle products. Oracle Solaris 11 meets all requirements for safety, performance and scalability for customers, who want to operate company applications in private, hybrid and public clouds. The MySQL- database is characterised in its next Version 5.6 especially by better scalability and especially by higher performance and flexibility. Oracle is also participating in the conference program and is going to be represented by speakers on the topics of Btrfs- and OCFS2-data systems.

ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG, D-München
E-Mail: info_de@oracle.com
Internet: www.oracle.com/de

Hackerbrause – kurz & geek

Hackers shower – short & geek

The O’Reilly publisher is the German branch of the international publishing company O’Reilly Media, Inc., which has been engaged with Open Source technologies for decades. The authors are part of the different developer- and user-communities and have great practical knowledge. Current focal point themes of the specialised books are programming of software, websites and mobile applications, operating systems, networks, digital photography and social media. In the field of “Sysad and networks”, books about high availability, computer forensics and virtualisation were published. And: O’Reilly has a soft spot for geeks and hobbyists. In addition to an Arduino- / electronic-program, “Cooking for geeks” and “Hackers shower – short & geek” were released.

O'Reilly Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, D-Köln
Contact: Corina Pahrmann, Phone: +49-221-97316021
E-Mail: corina@oreilly.de
Internet: www.oreilly.de

Award Ceremony Baden-Württemberg Goes Mobile Award

In February, seven developers were, as part of the competition “Baden-Württemberg Goes Mobile”, awarded in five categories for their mobile project ideas. In the period from February to May 2012 they implemented their ideas. In this process mentors from the industry are standing by their sides. The goal is that a beta-version or a release candidate is existent in May. The producers who complete their project successfully until early May will be honoured at the LinuxTag 2012. Apart from that, the audience can vote a “Winner of the Day”. The event starts on the 25. May at 11:45 a.m. in the Open Source Arena. First there will be Winner-Pitches and a certificate handing over, followed by the voting and least but not last the promotion of the “Winner of the Day”. Competition and award ceremony are being organised by the MFG Baden-Württemberg PLC in cooperation with the Open Source Business Alliance association.

OSB Alliance – Open Source Business Alliance e.V., D-Stuttgart
Contact: Alexandra Rudl, Telephone: +49-711-90715365
E-Mail: rudl@osb-alliance.com
Internet: www.bw-goes-mobile.mfg.de

BarCamp for Linux/OSS-users and –admins

The RootCamp is the first unconference specifically for Linux and Open Source software users and administrators. Thereby all content such as discussions and presentations are being designed by the participants of the camp themselves. The organisation of this topic oriented BarCamp is initially carried out by the Nürnberg based Open Source provider NETWAYS PLC and is promoted and sponsored actively by volunteers and sponsors. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to join. There will be different tickets available for the RootCamp. They allow, for example, the participation on Friday, 25.05, as well as on Saturday for 27 Euros or only on Saturday, 26.05 for 16 Euros and includes also the reduced entrance to the LinuxTag 2012. The registration occurs in a pre-registration on the website  „http://rootcamp.mixxt.de“. All further information about the RootCamp can also be found on the website.

NETWAYS GmbH, D-Nürnberg
Contact: Eva Häusler, Telephone: +49-911-928850
E-Mail: events@netways.de
Internet: www.netways.de


"Pengutronix auf dem LinuxTag 2012"

News about PTXdist and Barebox

Pengutronix provides professional services related to the use of Linux for industrial applications. At the LinuxTag 2012, the company from Hildesheim invites interested parties to inform themselves over a cup of tea or coffee about some of their Open Soure-projects fom the embedded Linux field. For example, about the Buildsystem PTXdist and the Bootloader Barebook (former U-Boat v2). Detailed information and workshops will also be available on the recently updated OSELAS Community Board Support Packages, for example the popular Mini2440 and Mini6410 boards for FriendlyARM. The Driver Hacking Session and Discussions about the topic Linux Mainlining, which has set the different embedded Linux buildsystems and patch-stacks as a goal, act in accordance with the more advanced developers.

Pengutronix e.K., D-Hildesheim
Contact: Bjørn Bürger, Telephone: +49-5121-2069175002
E-Mail: sales@pengutronix.de
Internet: www.pengutronix.de

Training of system administrators

ProfitBricks – an IaaS provider based in Berlin – has a great need for system administrators. In the recently founded ProfitBricks Academy the company offers a free, six-month intensive training to become a Linux system administrator, to qualified trainees. Amongst other things, knowledge of the system-, network- and storage-administration for all requirements in complex, virtualised cloud research centres are being conveyed. In line with the training, the ProfitBricks Academy offers the opportunity to take recognised certifications, for example, Linux LPIC-2, juniper and JNCIS-SP. In addition, the trainees of this qualified further education receive a financial compensation.

ProfitBricks GmbH, D-Berlin
Contact: Katrin Stranz, Phone: +49-30-609856991207
E-Mail: katrin.stranz@profitbricks.com
Internet: www.profitbricks-academy.com

"ScientificCMS Screenshot"

Structured Contents

Under the name ScientificCMS a team of the university of Bremen, supported by the Collaborative Research Centre 597 “Transformations of the State” and of the Institute for Work and Economy (IAW = Institut für Arbeit und Wirtschaft), develops a content management-platform. It especially takes into account the special needs of scientific research institutions. The approach of ScientificCMS is best to describe with “manage your content NOT your pages”. In this process, the information is not managed as websites, but saved in a structure according to content type, the “Content Items”. The preparation and development of this information is carried out by category systems. The websites are then rule-based from the „content items“ and the category system, as well as program-controlled and arranged by ScientificCMS. For the individual requirements of scientific research institutions there are programs, which arrange to a “ready to use”-system and can be installed.

Contact: Jens Pelzetter, E-Mail: jens.pelzetter@uni-bremen.de
Internet: www.scientificcms.org

Follow the construction phase via beamer

The project seduction is going to host a release party at the LinuxTag 2012, Friday night (25.05.12). At the party, a siduction release with the new desktop environment Razor-Qt will take place. The release will be built during the little party and uploaded to the mirror server. The participants can follow the construction process via beamer. Razor-Qt is a, still very young, desktop environment. It is based on the Qt-framework and has a very small footprint, compared with the LXDE. The team at the booth wants to promote this desktop environment with the development release and make it better-known, to then quickly incorporate it into the official release schedule as an adequate seduction release in addition the already published KDE SC, XFCE and LXDE. The goal is to offer a lightweight desktop to users, which is not based on the GTK-framework.

Contact: Ferdinand Thommes, E-Mail: devil@siduction.org
Internet: www.siduction.org


Interactive police patrol car

For the central service of the police Brandenburg the tarent solutions PLC has developed the key components of an “interactive police patrol car”. The name of the, fully with Open Source components developed, project: police, automobile-based, resource-controlling IT-system, short PolarIS. Advantages: the work with the permanently increasing electronic components in the police patrol car is becoming a lot easier, the police officer greatly relieved and the safety of operations increased significantly. All functions are accessed via a touch-sensitive screen. PolarIS also serves the coordination of operations, the provision of location information for the emergency vehicles and the virtualization of geographical locations of all police patrol cars. Technically, the system consists of central service systems in the control centre, as well as the small computers installed in the emergency vehicles

tarent AG / tarent solutions GmbH, D-Berlin
Contact: Thomas Haase, Phone: +49-30-3187969999
E-Mail: t.haase@tarent.de
Internet: www.tarent.de

Ubuntu Advantage – Enterprise-Services for Companies

The, in Bielefeld based, teuto.net Services PLC is going to present, together with the primeLine Solution PLC from Bad Oeynhausen, Ubuntu Advantage, as well as the pre-configured Server and Desktop with Ubuntu Linux at the LinuxTag 2012. Ubuntu Advantage offers a qualified and reliable support, access to the Canonical Knowledgebase and includes the Ubuntu Assurance-legal protection for companies. In addition, customers receive the management- and monitoring-solution Landscape for the management of their systems. Canonical thereby closes the service gap for companies using Ubuntu with the Ubuntu Advantage program. teuto.net is the first Ubuntu reseller partner in Germany, accomplishing the support in-house.

teuto.net Netzdienste GmbH, D-Bielefeld
Contact: Oliver Dirker, Telephone: +49-521-966860
E-Mail: od@teuto.net
Internet: www.teuto.net

Sponsorship of Server-Hardware

On the occasion of the LinuxTag 2012 the Thomas-Krenn.AG is sponsoring server hardware worth more than 2,500 Euros for the renewal of the infrastructure for the community project “ubuntuusers.de”. Therewith the company from Freyung builds its present Open Source promotion even further and an independent four-member jury will elect new projects for funding every three months. The budget is provided by Thomas Krenn with the new feedback program “Thomas-krenn.mysuggest.com”. In addition the Open Source projects can land one of eight low energy servers at the LinuxTag in Berin. This action is a cooperation with the Linuxhotel, NETWAYS and Univention and is meant to be an active sign to support Open Source.

Thomas-Krenn.AG, D-Freyung
Contact: Werner Fischer, Telephone: +49-8551-9150241
E-Mail: open-source-sponsorship@thomas-krenn.com
Internet: www.thomas-krenn.com


Projects and Users meet in the Lounge

The operating system Ubuntu was first released in 2004 and has focused from the beginning onwards on the end user. The project has always been understood to be not just about technology and operating systems, but also about a philosophy, which includes a respectful human interaction, the exhibition team emphasises. At this year’s LinuxTag the Ubuntu community is going to meet in a lounge-atmosphere. This applies both to individual projects concerning Ubuntu from the German-speaking countries, who introduce themselves in personal conversations. On the other hand, users share their varied experiences with Ubuntu. A further topic is the new long term support-version of Ubuntu, which has been published in April under the name “Precise Pangolin”. This way, a five-year desktop support is guaranteed to both end users as well as companies.

Ubuntu Community
Contact: Torsten Franz, E-Mail: torsten.franz@ubuntu.com
Internet: www.ubuntuusers.de


"Univention Corporate Server UCS"

UCS und UCS@school with numerous new features

The manufacturer of integrated Open Source infrastructure products, from Bremen, is going to present how users with Univention Corporate Server (UCS) in the company network and the IT-services carried out in the cloud – like identity- and access-management – can be connected and centrally managed at the LinuxTag 2012. In addition Univention presents in Active Directory Services which are integrated in UCS, based on the software Samba 4. For this reason, for example, Windows 7 clients can seamlessly be inserted in an Open Source infrastructure. Furthermore, the software developers provide, in UCS integrated, services for the virtualisation management. The third focus at the Univention booth is built by the new version of UCS@school, the IT solution for schools and education authorities, with numerous new features and improvements.

Univention GmbH, D-Bremen

Contact: Silvia Frank, Telephone: +49-421-2223227‘
E-Mail: frank@univention.de
Internet: www.univention.de

Leaders for tomorrow’s markets and tasks

Whoever wants to get ahead in his or her job or with the own business should have the right competence, know the right people and have a proper title. The MBS University course with the specialisation in information technology “MBA InfoTech” at the University of Potsdam is the answer on the growing demand for executives in technology-oriented industries. The post-graduate study course opens up a new carreer opportunity for professionals and executives of the IT industry. Interested visitors can get information about the course content at the LinuxTag booth of UP  Transfer. On Saturday, the 26.05.2012, Roya Madani, Program Director, is going to give an interesting lecture about the innovative MBA program.

UP Transfer Gesellschaft für Wissens- und Technologietransfer mbH an der Universität Potsdam, D-Potsdam
Contact: Roya Madani, Telephone: +49-331-9774549
E-Mail: roya.madani@uni-potsdam.de
Internet: www.mba-potsdam.de