Projects of LinuxTag Association

The LinuxTag association pursues its goals in several ways. In addition to its original project, which is still the most important—namely the organization of the annual LinuxTag exhibition and conference—a number of other projects have grown out of the association's activities:


The very popular "live Linux" distribution was compiled by Klaus Knopper from 1999 to 2001, and was a LinuxTag project until 2005. Knoppix allows users to boot and run a complete GNU/Linux system from a CD-ROM or DVD, and is thus especially attractive for newcomers to open-source software.

Open Music

The Open Music Project was launched in 2001 to show that the open-source idea can be extended to other kinds of intellectual property. Aided by legal advisors, the project team developed the Green, Yellow and Red Open Music Licenses, and gathered international artists who contributed work under these licenses to a sampler CD. If you're looking for DRM-free music, this is the project for you!


Back in the days when small websites were made with an editor and an FTP client, the need arose for a simple but efficient web content administration tool. The miniContent system, developed by LinuxTag members and volunteers, was behind the LinuxTag website from 2000 to 2002.

Metatron and SilentBob

This project began as a design study to test the suitability of XML as a platform for complex content management systems. The 2003 and 2004 LinuxTag websites were maintained using the Metatron software.

Virtual Conference Center

LinuxTag has developed its own powerful software tool to support the planning and organization of the LinuxTag conference. The multi-tier web-based application is customizable for different conferences, and manages not only speakers and presentations, but also hotel reservations and more.


All of the software developed in connection with LinuxTag is open-source software distributed under free software licenses. If you're interested in any of our software projects, please drop us a line.

* Knoppix is a trademark of Klaus Knopper.