Future of UI between desktop and mobile: Qt 5

von Lars Knoll (Nokia), Cornelius Schumacher (SUSE Linux Products GmbH)

Saturday, 26.05.2012, London, 12:00-13:00 Uhr

Qt as a UI toolkit powers the Linux desktop for fifteen years now. It increasingly also has expanded to embedded and mobile devices, powering Linux-based phones tablets and other devices. Qt 5 marks a major milestone in this development. It renovates the paradigm of UI programming with QML as declarative UI technology and moves to an open governance model putting Qt into the hands of the community. Qt 5 is targeted to be released later in 2012.

Lars Knoll, the chief maintainer of the Qt open source project, and Cornelius Schumacher, head of KDE e.V., the organization behind KDE, the largest Qt-based open source project, present the technology and community behind Qt 5, and show what it means for the future of UI development between desktop and mobile.

Über den Autor Lars Knoll:

Über den Autor Cornelius Schumacher:

Cornelius Schumacher is leading the SUSE Studio development team at SUSE in Nürnberg. In addition to openSUSE he is involved in several other free software projects like Qt or KDE, where he is core developer and president of the board of the KDE e.V.