Give me my drawing back! Dragging your Visio, Publisher and CorelDraw files to free-sofware world

by Fridrich Strba (LibreOffice)

Saturday, 25.05.2013, Weimar 5, 14:00-15:00 Uhr

Since the Google Summer of Code, in collaboration with re-lab, LibreOffice community started to open to the broader free-software ecosystem several proprietary file-formats. This talk will present the libraries for parsing Visio, CorelDraw or MS Publisher documents that are currently used by several free-software projects. The talk will focus on interesting details of reverse-engineering, especially on our method of "incremental" reverse-engineering which allowed us to open the file-formats of *all* CorelDraw and of *all* Visio versions. It will also give some overview of our plans for the future.

About the author Fridrich Strba:

FOSS enthusiast, involved with the free-software since the beginning of this century. I am author/co-author and maintainer/co-maintainer of several free-software libraries. The fields of interest are mainly in file-format parsers and converters. I work for SUSE during the day and enjoy reverse-engineering of file-formats in collaboration of re-lab's Valek Filippov during nights and weekends.