Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

FreedomBox - nice little home server putting you in charge of your own data

by Jonas Smedegaard (Debian)

Saturday, 25.05.2013, New York III, 16:00-16:45 Uhr

The FreedomBox is a project to help you stay in control of your own privacy on the internet.

Why is this needed? Because you often loose or need to give up privacy rights in whole or in part when you participate in centralised social network platforms.

Privacy concerned computer enthusiasts have practised protection of personal digital freedoms for quite some time now, using a range of well known and reliable technical tools. The aim of FreedomBox is to put those tools into a tiny low-power box, configured to be dead-easy to use for anyone.

Jonas will explain the current state of the FreedomBox project and explore and expose what is fundamentally at stake and show how each of you can turn the internet around to serve yourself and thereby all of us.

About the author Jonas Smedegaard:

Freelance system administrator and networks developer, based in Denmark.

Debian Developer for a decade, associated with Lessdisks (since merged with LTSP), Skolelinux, Sugar (software stack originating from "One Laptop Per Child") and FreedomBox projects.

Interested in education and learning, semantic web, music, and you.