Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Robust JavaScript using PMD

by Romain Pelisse (Red Hat)

Saturday, 25.05.2013, New York II, 16:30-17:00 Uhr

With the emergence of AJAX and many powerful framework such as JQuery, Javascript has become a more and more important part of any webapp - and even server side application with software such as Node.js. However, with a very light syntax constraints, and the many possibilities offered by the language, it is quite difficult to ensure language's consistency over a project - meaning that two developers, in the same team, can end up writing Javascript in two complete different manner.

On top of making code difficult to maintain, it also means that code quality within the team will differ. If one developer systematically follows best practises, how can one ensure that the all team follow those best practises ?

PMD is already proven, powerful code control tool in the Java world. With the introduction of EcmaScript support with its latest major version, this talk will demonstrate how can one use the tool to enforce programming convention, share best practise within the team and therefore make the Javascript part of its application more resilient and robust.

On top of that, we'll see how PMD will be soon extended to support other languages such as Groovy, Ruby (with JRuby) or Python (with Jython)...

About the author Romain Pelisse:

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(and some smallers contribution to KDE traduction and Checkstyle bug fixes).

Teacher at ESME Sudria :
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