Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Silicon Berlin Workshop

von Schlomo Schapiro (ImmobilienScout24)

Wednesday, 22.05.2013, Weimar 3, 16:00-17:00 Uhr

Silicon Berlin is a label or brand that hopes to unite Berlin tech companies to make Berlin a better place for tech companies. It can serve as a label under which a community of tech companies and IT people can act together.

Silicon Berlin - beeing a true community effort - is not owned by anybody and can be used by anyone interested to further their goals with regard to making Berlin more attractive for tech companies and for people who like to work in tech companies.

This workshop is an open discussion around the topic.


Über den Autor Schlomo Schapiro:

Schlomo Schapiro works as a Systems Architect and Open Source Evangelist at ImmobilienScout24, the leading German real estate market place. Core areas of interest are open source solutions and web operations.

The ImmobilienScout24 web platform is based on Linux, Apache, Tomcat and open standards. We are currently creating a new deployment and management solution for our data center based on RPM packages. The solution is written in Python and Bash and published at

Schlomo maintains several successful open source projects and is a regular speaker at various conferences. Schlomo is a strong DevOps and web operations advocate and writes regularly for German IT magazines and his BLOG ( See the homepage on or the profile on for more information.