Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

coreboot: Free software PC firmware, a BIOS/UEFI alternative

by Peter Stuge (Konsult Stuge)

Friday, 24.05.2013, New York I, 14:00-14:45 Uhr

UEFI Secure Boot is a clever way for Microsoft to control what your computer considers a secure operating system. coreboot is an alternative firmware.

About the author Peter Stuge:

Self-employed consultant with many years of experience in software, hardware, security, networking and databases. Started out as a hardware hacker early, taking apart electrical apparatus nearby already at age 4. Managed to put them back together again a few times too! Wrote first software and soldered first hardware at age 10. Currently actively following and occasionally contributing to the coreboot, libusb, libssh2, imcom and OpenSSH projects. Interests span across systems design, security, usability, efficiency, automation, networking, cars, RC models, electronics, electronic music and movies. Speaks swedish, english, german and danish.