Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Power Management Frameworks in the Linux Kernel

by Rafael Wysocki (Intel OTC)

Friday, 24.05.2013, London I, 14:45-15:30 Uhr

There are multiple power management frameworks in the Linux kernel, including frameworks for system suspend and hibernation, runtime power management of I/O devices and CPU power management. Some of them have been around for a number of years, while the others are relatively new. Moreover, some of the older ones have been under active development recently. I will describe them and show how to use them and how they interact with each other. I will also discuss the possible future extensions of them and the ways they may be modified going forward.

About the author Rafael Wysocki:

Rafael Wysocki is the maintainer of the Linux kernel's core power management code (PM core), ACPI, and CPU PM subsystems. He works at Intel Open Source Technology Center as a Software Engineer with focus on the Linux kernel. He has been actively contributing to the Linux kernel since January 2005, working on the suspend and hibernate subsystem, on power management in general (including runtime PM, PM QoS etc.), and on ACPI and PCI support.