Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Der Open-IT Summit ist eine vom Hersteller- und Anbieterverband "Open Source Business Alliance" in eigener Regie zusammengestellte Subkonferenz. Für Auswahlkriterien und Zusammenstellung legt unser Partner eigene Maßstäbe an. Sie erfolgen unabhängig vom Programmkomitee des LinuxTag e. V.

Why your company needs "Big Data" to survive the competition!

von Alexander Oelling ( GmbH)

Thursday, 23.05.2013, OITS 3, 11:00-12:00 Uhr

The amount of structured data has been growing constantly since the last 20 years, this is the data that you can handle in an Excel(TM) document, any traditional SQL database or Business-Intelligence/ERP tool. That essential software processes transactional data from your sales, controlling, production or HR department. And costs a lot of money.

But there is also a different kind of data. It's the data any marketeer, financial analyst, scientist and CEO want to analyze and understand. This is the data that helps you to get a better understanding about what your customers want, where the market and the competition is going, set pricing for a good gross margin and so one.... This data is large, very large. Only in 2012, it was larger than all books ever written ... But this sheer size is not the only issue, it's also the variety and the dynamic how fast the data changes that makes this kind of data really hard and expensive to store, analyze and process. E.g.: Pictures, Facebook Posts, eMails, Customer requests, Website Statistics, Financial Customer behavior, Tweets, Documents, Patents, DNA Molecules.. this is unstructured data. And its value, is the knowledge inside.

Big Data technology is addressing both kind of data. It helps individuals and enterprises at low costs and short integration cycles to understand what's going on. The software tools are analyzing and combining public data from external sources like Twitter, Facebook, search engines and open government data ... - with internal data from SALES, Customer Care and about 40 other data silos across the different departments. The possibilities are not limited, and every month the tools are getting better and much more easier to use, for a fraction of the costs - compared to traditional systems.

This short presentation will give you an overview what "Big Data" really means for your company, which tools are useful, what they really cost and how far your company can get, if you start now, before your competition does it!

Über den Autor Alexander Oelling:

Alexander Oelling co-founded a "Big Data" database start-up in 2007. As director Marketing and Business Development he was responsible for the strategic vision and the growth of the company. With deep knowledge about Semantic Technologies and how to handle large datasets, he left this company in 2011 and founded, which supports enterprises to make use of Big Data technologies like NoSQL databases and other cutting edge Business Analytics Software. With his international contact network, he is also a well known speaker on conferences. His experience in B2B Software also helps other startups to get funded. He is living in Berlin.