Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Der Open-IT Summit ist eine vom Hersteller- und Anbieterverband "Open Source Business Alliance" in eigener Regie zusammengestellte Subkonferenz. Für Auswahlkriterien und Zusammenstellung legt unser Partner eigene Maßstäbe an. Sie erfolgen unabhängig vom Programmkomitee des LinuxTag e. V.

Open source businesses in France : what they do and how they get organized

by Patrice Bertrand (Smile - Open Source Solutions)

Thursday, 23.05.2013, OITS 1, 13:00-14:00 Uhr

There are approximately 300 open source pure player companies in France. They are mostly small companies, that together represent 3000 jobs, while open source activity altogether is estimated at 30 000 jobs and 2.5 B€. Some are software vendors, some integrators, providers of expertise and services related to open source. They have a long tradition of working together within clusters at a regional level and, more recently, at a national level as well, with the CNLL, of which I am a spokesman. Based on an extensive survey, I will be presenting this ecosystem, what these open source players do for a living, what they expect, what they fear, how they work together, how they work with public bodies and with the government, and how we can work together at a european level.

About the author Patrice Bertrand:

Patrice Bertrand is a founder and currently General Manager of Smile, an open source integrator with a workforce of 700, operating primarily in France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. He has been an active proponent of open source in France, and the author of many white papers and articles related to open source technologies and business models. Since 2010 he is the chairman of CNLL, an association that represents the open source business ecosystem in France.