Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

OpenPhoenux Smartphone: Learnings from the past and ideas for next year

by Nikolaus Schaller (Golden Delicious Computers GmbH&Co. KG), Lukas Märdian (, Christoph Mair (

Thursday, 23.05.2013, New York III, 16:45-17:30 Uhr

OpenPhoenux is a project that gives the activities originating in the OpenMoko activities a new home. OpenPhoenux is the idea of really independently developed and well documented portable computing and communication systems. It tries to become independent from any "big player" giving the ownership back into the hands of the users.

This talk will present the history and ideas for the future of independently developed smart handheld devices. This includes:

1. OpenPhoenux - The Independent Mobile (communication) Tool Community firstly we will describe why we need a new paradigm fighting against the "dinosaurs" and "borgs" of the established smartphone and internet services platforms. The new community is the host of several activities we will describe in the next parts.

2. Hardware this part will describe the history of the development of the GTA04 board and address the challenges and learnings when doing such a project with a small team in Europe.

3. Case design this section will describe how we develop and get 3D printed cases for the OpenPhoenux devices by using e.g. FreeCAD

4. Software Since the OpenPhoenux devices are operating system agnostic, several GUI stacks are being ported, e.g. QtMoko, SHR, Replicant. This section will describe the status of some of them.

Please visit the home page and become member by subscribing to the mailing list and bringing in yoursef.

About the author Nikolaus Schaller:

Dr. Nikolaus Schaller has been contributing to the open source projects GNUstep and Openmoko for many years. After the death of the OpenMoko activities, he founded the OpenPhoenux project to continue where OpenMoko stopped.
He has degrees in Computer and Communication Engineering, and has worked many years in Academia and IT Industry as Developer, Product Manager and Lecturer. Currently, he is CEO of Golden Delicious Computers near Munich, Germany.

About the author Lukas Märdian:

Student of Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich. Involved in several free software projects since 2008, especially in the SHR project, a Linux distribution for mobile handhelds and the FreeSmartphone.Org project, which is a middleware for mobile phones. Furthermore, involved in the GTA04 (OpenPhoenux) project, which aims to produce a fully open and free smartphone.

About the author Christoph Mair:

Studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich. Now Software- and Hardware developer as well as free software enthusiast.
Contributor to the OpenPhoenux project, which is aiming to produce fully open and free mobile devices and accessories.