Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Linux on ARM servers

by André Przywara (Calxeda / Linaro)

Thursday, 23.05.2013, New York III, 14:00-14:45 Uhr

CPUs with the ARM architecture are currently known for driving mobile and embedded devices - with great success. Using an ARM chip also for servers has some advantages - not only lower power consumption. This talk will present the architecture of one the ARM server systems available on the market, comparing it to existing x86 servers. The microserver approach makes things different, also the whole system architecture surrounding an ARM processor drives some changes into existing server systems. Linux plays an important role here, since it is the predominant operating systems and can set the rules in this area.

About the author André Przywara:

I studied Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. During the study I worked as a tutor for UNIX and CS related courses. My diploma thesis dealt with realtime Linux on a PowerPC-based embedded system. Afterwards I spent some time on bioinformatics and gave lectures before I got to AMD in Dresden. Here at the Operating System Research Center I worked in the hypervisor team on various virtualization related topics with Xen, KVM and QEMU and also did some Linux kernel work. Currently I am working for Calxeda and Linaro on ARMv7 virtualization on ARM servers.