Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Open Bank Project

by Simon Redfern (TESOBE / Open Bank Project)

Thursday, 23.05.2013, New York II, 17:00-17:30 Uhr

The Open Bank Project is an Open Source API and App Store for banks. The OBP API enables personal and business banking customers to access their data using a wider variety of tools and services written by third party developers.

OBP Applications are authorised using OAuth which means that the bank remains the gatekeeper of authentication and account holders never need to share their passwords with 3rd party apps and services. The Open Bank Project seeks to raise the bar of financial transparency by enabling multiple views on transaction data. For instance an NGO can share its transactions with the public, or a company with its share holders. Thus the Open Bank Project brings Open Data to bank accounts whilst still preserving sensitive information.

The OBP API allows transactions to be brought to life with tags, comments and geo tags - thus generating a rich (open) dialogue around financial data.

The OBP is written mainly in Scala / Lift and is released under AGPL and commercial licences from TESOBE.

In this session I’ll describe the roots of the Open Bank Project, how the ecosystem of Apps is developing, how we’re working with the banks and the next steps.

About the author Simon Redfern:

Simon Redfern is the CEO of TESOBE and founder of the Open Bank Project. He's a software engineer and team leader with over 20 years experience of web, database and mobile application development. He's into Python, Node, Scala, relational databases and NoSQL. He's also a composer musician who's happy to inhabit the creative spaces of art and technology.