Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Save your data - build a high available iSCSI storage cluster with free software

von Thomas Groß (teegee)

Thursday, 23.05.2013, London II, 16:30-17:00 Uhr

Most linux distributions have all ingrediants for a high available storage cluster included: e.g. pacemaker, DRBD, iscsi target, LVM, ofed. You just have to fill them into two file servers, shake them a little bit and that's it. Thereabout.

When the machines are set up there a more things to do, e.g manage DRBD resources, manage iscsi targets, monitor if all is going well, add more disks and so on. For these administration purposes we use a special virtual machine running on a storage server. This creates a self contained storage cluster, which can be used to administrate virtualisation servers with Xen and kvm too. If you are interested in real high performance use Infiniband as storage bus. That rocks!

Über den Autor Thomas Groß:

Thomas Groß ist Geschäftsführer der Firma teegee. Er hat an der TU Chemnitz Informationstechnik studiert und ist seit 1990 selbständig. Schwerpunkte seiner Arbeit sind linuxbasierte IT-Infrastruktur, System- und Netzwerkadminstration, Virtualisierung und Hochverfügbarkeit. In seiner Freizeit widmet er sich seinen Kindern, Laufen, Radfahren, Skifahren, Scottish Country Dance und Folktanz. Bei den Offline-Medien bevorzugt er Bücher wie die von J.K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien oder Walter Moers die er leider schon alle gelesen hat.

Thomas Groß runs teegee - a small company which is specialized on linux and opensource software. He studied information technology in Chemnitz / Germany. His main focus at work is linux based it infrastructure, system and network administration, virtualization and high availability. For a couple of years he has been working for local companies at administration and software development tasks.

He loves his children, mountain trekking, jogging, cycling.and snow boarding and folk dances. Sometimes he preferes tactile information storage like the books from J.K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien and Walter Moers.