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Press releases

01.06.2007 Successful start in Berlin

LinuxTag e.V. and Messe Berlin agree on long-term collaboration. The relocation of LinuxTag to the German capital proved to be a success. The organizers of Europe?s largest event for Linux and free software came to this conclusion one day before the end of the combined four day trade show and convention. By Friday over 7,000 people from Germany and abroad had already visited the exhibition halls at Berlin?s Funkturm, more than the figure for the same period when the event was held in Wiesbaden...

01.06.2007 Videostream of LinuxTag's Opening Ceremony

The video recording of the LinuxTag 2007 opening is now available via Google Video.

30.05.2007 LinuxTag 2007: Berlin's department of economics will switch its servers over to Linux early in 2008

Regional administration's IT strategy expands to include open standards and open source software - LinuxTag 2007 opens on Exhibition Grounds

12.01.2007 The entire world of free and open source software in Berlin

[Translate to en:] Novell/OpenSuSE auf dem LinuxTag

LinuxTag 2007 continues to consolidate its position as Europe?s leading event for Linux and free software at its new location in Berlin. The programme of conferences at this combined trade show and convention is still expanding, with 30 sections featuring over 200 papers during the four days of this event. At the same time more than100 companies and projects will be presenting their latest developments in Linux, and in free and open source software.

15.05.2007 Europe's leading event for Linux and OSS as a shop window for free software in administrations

Rathaus Berlin

The importance of Linux and Free Software for administrations in Germany will be at the forefront of the convention for business and public sector authorities at LinuxTag 2007. It will feature a total of four series of papers containing numerous examples of the use of open source solutions at a European-wide level, as well as at national, state and local authority level in Germany. The Federal Ministry of the Interior will be responsible for the programme for this event.

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