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04.05.2012 11:31

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Berlin, 3. May 2012 – Education and further education will again be very important at the 18th LinuxTag: From 23. until 26. May Europe’s leading exhibition and conference about Linux and Open Source offers various opportunities to visitors, to satisfy the thirst for education. Thus there will be offered, for the first time, workshop and beta-tests of LPI Linux Essentials (1) this year. As the LinuxTag team often receives questions about study leave, there is now an information research available on the LinuxTag website (2). Also new on the website: In the navigation point “career” an overview of interesting events, that occur in temporal proximity to the LinuxTag in Berlin (3), can be found.

News about the programs and hacker attacks

Lifelong learning and regular updates are essential for system administrators, IT architects and software developers. For this purpose the LinuxTag offers from Wednesday until Friday focus points about system management, monitoring, high availability, storage solutions and cloud-stacks. In the track “Admins Best Practices”, visitors will find out news of important program packages, such as Samba 4, Dovecot or the web accelerator Varnish. During the “Security Day” on Friday, the results of a study about SSH attacks using honeypots will be introduced. Then, when the final round of the hacking contest is taking place on the same day, the high voltage in the hall is guaranteed. An overview of the variety of events can be seen on the LinuxTag website in the “program” section.

Premiere for “Linux Essentials”

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is going to present its new test “Linux Essentials” for the first time at the LinuxTag 2012 and calls for volunteers to participate in the free beta test, which is especially designed for first-time-users. On Wednesday a separate workshop precedes it (1). There is also an opportunity for LPIC tests. The TYPO3 Association is going to offer tests to become a certified TYPO3 integrator.

The AcademyDay, on the 26. May, will be moderated by the Deutsche Informatik-Akademie and is devoted to the topics further education, job requirements and training with lectures and trainings. Stated Michael Kleinheinz from the tarent association to the topic “What really is important in the IT industry”. Kathrin Stranz is going to inform about how the ProfitBricks Academy can train apprentices to become a specialist for system administration in the cloud / hosting environment.

First RootCamp Berlin for Admins

To promote the interexchange between the visitors the LinuxTag has, for the first time, started to work together with the exhibitor NETWAYS to bring the RootCamp to the LinuxTag – the barcamp for admins on the 25. and 26. May. After the basic principle of all BarCamps there are no “spectators”, in the classical sense, at the RootCamp. All participants can hold a session themselves and thus contribute to the success of the event. Thematically, everything will revolve around design, construction and operation of IT platforms for applications and websites, based on Open Source software. For the RootCamp an advance reservation and a service charge of 15 Euros is desired. The entrance to the LinuxTag is reduced for participants of the camp.

Educational leave and job search – both are possible

Who is already on the payroll, can make educational leave for the LinuxTag. The Senate of Berlin has again, as in the past few years, recognized the meeting of the Linux and Open Source professional world as an educational event. Detailed information on educational leave can be found on the LinuxTag website (2).

Anyone looking for a new job or suitable candidates for a job, are offered more than one chance at the LinuxTag: On the job wall in the Open-Source-Arena many jobs will be advertised. However, many exhibitors will also be looking to specifically talk to candidates for the job announced. Matthias Albert, Head of IT-Engineering & Operations of the LinuxTag-exhibitor and partner Inovex confirmed: “The LinuxTag is the best way for us to strike up a conversation with potential applicants. We emphasise self-interest and engagement of our employees. We find both at the LinuxTag and can directly get to know one another.

Events around the LinuxTag

The LinuxTag organisers have gathered a series of event tips that take place around the time of the LinuxTag in Berlin. The tips can be found at the bottom of the heading “training and career” (3). This way the LinuxTag flanks small conferences and meetings of bloogers, free radio and data analysts. On the eve of the LinuxTag, the Technologiestiftung Berlin (Technology Foundation Berlin) invites interested parties to a panel discussion on Open Source. Apart from that, other events of training providers are also taking place in favourable time to the LinuxTag Good reasons to extend the stay in Berlin and to put together an exciting educational package.


About the LinuxTag

The LinuxTag is Europe’s leading exhibition and conference on topics relating to Linux and Open Source. The four-day event has been taking place since 1996, annually on the Berlin fair grounds since 2007. It offers updates for professional users, decision makers, developers, beginners and the community. The LinuxTag association is the ideal host for the event and is doing so alongside with the Messe Berlin VLC. For more information pelase visit

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