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09.05.2011 LinuxTag: Security by Transparency

One thing is certain: computer security using open source technology will be a wide-ranging key issue at LinuxTag, Europe’s leading trade fair and conference on Linux and Open Source, which will be taking place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds for the fifth time from 11 to 14 May.

15.12.2010 Featured: Frank Morgner, OpenPACE

Frank Morgner is a student and research assistant of computer science at Humboldt University in Berlin. He and one other person founded the project OpenPACE, which is an openSSL based library for the protocol "Password Authenticated connection Establishment" (PACE). He launched the project coming from researches about the new german Identity Card (german "neuer Personalausweis", nPA) available since November 2011. The technique of this identity card, so Frank says, affects every german citizen...

05.05.2011 Featured: Nicholas Marriott, tmux

Nicholas Marriott from Northern Ireland wrote the terminal multiplexer "tmux", because - so he said in an interview in 2009 [1] - he found the already existing terminal multiplexer "screen" too unpractical to extend. For his own tool he wanted to keep the codebase readable and extendable. This lesson he had learned was veryfied by another lesson, which his own project taught him: People use tools in surprisingly different ways.

03.05.2011 LinuxTag is proof: Linux is worthwhile

Exhibitors confirm open source is a money maker – Business & Public Sector Authorities Conference provides stimulus for new ideas - international keynotes put the spotlight on business, legal aspects and applications Berlin, 2 May 2011 – Programming is not everything in this world. Nowhere is it easier to establish business relations with customers, associates and the open source community than at LinuxTag, Europe's leading trade fair and conference on Linux open source and free software,...

28.04.2011 Featured: Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian

Stefano Zacchiroli became project lead of the Linux distribution Debian in 2010 and was re-elected 2011. As "DPL" (Debian Project Lead) is Stefano, who holds a Ph.D. in computer science, the official interface between Debian people and the outside world.

26.04.2011 Featured: Wolfram Sang, Linux-Kernel

Wolfram Sang from Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, is kernel developer, so he moves around at the very inside of the Linux operating system. Since embedded Linux is in heavy business use in the industrial sector, it happens that Wolfram "saves the world" for a customer before lunchtime. Nevertheless he deeply values the participation of private kernel users in kernel development.

26.04.2011 Get involved: Moderators of conference tracks wanted

The conference comittee is tuning and polishing the last details of the talks in the free conference program. Missing: Volunteers, who escort the tracks and present the speakers. Get involved with LinuxTag!

22.04.2011 Featured: Robin Seggelmann, OpenSSL

Robin Seggelmann from Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, is a researcher for the transport protocols of the internet. Occasionally his work find its way into standards of the Internet Engineering Taskorce (IETF): In a manner of speaking he helps writing the technical "laws" of the internet. The computer scientist travels encrypted through the net. He knows, how easily he can be watched.

22.04.2011 Featured: Milian Wolff, KDE

Milian Wolff from Berlin works on the editor Kate and the development environment KDevelop within the KDE project. The student of physics gets annoyed by people, who pick only half the truth and present it as fact.

25.04.2011 Enter, Speakers! Stars of LinuxTag

Prior to LinuxTag the new format "Speaker Features" debuts with portraits casting a spotlight to the people behind the talks of the free conference program.

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