Going corporate: Do you have what it takes to be part of an accelerated open-source startup?

von Flame Herbohn (appMode project)

Thursday, 24.05.2012, New York 2.1, 15:00-16:00 Uhr

Just because a project is open-source doesn't mean the development must be funded by selling t-shirts. Don't get me wrong, I like t-shirts, but unless your open-source project is actually some kind of t-shirt design software, selling t-shirts is no way to fund full time professional development.

The appMode project is going corporate and looking to be selected for one of the top European startup accelerator programs in Berlin, but to do this we first need to bring on another partner. So if you're a Mobile Web ninja, you bleed HTML5, eat CSS3 for breakfast, and think you have the drive and determination to help bring an open-source startup from development to investment in only 3 months, then this workshop is where you need to be.

Primarily this workshop is for developers who are interested in becoming a core member of the appMode project and a part owner of Appmo Ltd (the appMode corporation), but we will be discussing the process of taking an open-source project corporate and the discussion will be open to anyone who is interested the subject.

Über den Autor Flame Herbohn:

Flame, is an award winning senior IT consultant with over 15 years experience in Software Development, Systems Administration and Project Management. He is an open source geek, was a co-founder of PHPMelb, past-President of Brisbane PHP UG and has presented talks at a number of open source conferences.

Flame co-founded the open-source automotive hacking website GeekMyRide.org and presented his Linux equipped Nissan 300zx at Linux.conf.au in 2009. His future plans for GeekMyRide involve installing open-source geek upgrades into a military tank.

Flame is originally from Australia but is now based in London (UK) and Riga (Latvia).

Currently using:
Development Languages : Python 2.6, JavaScript 1.8.5
Desktop OS : Linux Mint 12
Server Environment : Google App Engine (Python)