ODF - Advanced Document Collaboration

von Svante Schubert (Freelancer)

Friday, 25.05.2012, Berlin I, 16:30-17:00 Uhr

Many Office documents do not involve collaboration. They are created by a single user, edited by a single user, and then perhaps presented or shared with multiple users, or maybe even just converted to PDF for distribution.

However, collaboration-based document scenarios are also common, including review and comment, change tracking as well as emerging work in real-time collaborative editing, in-context document collaboration, persistence of structured document fragments, and so on.

Especially for an enterprise the documents collaboration is most important as most business processes start or end with an office document.

In this session the ongoing work of the OASIS OpenDocument - Advanced Document Collaboration subcommittee will be presented. In detail the future collaboration possibilities to support automatic merge and sync of documents over the network, document history traversal will be presented. In addition it will be demonstrated how easily this concept of ODF collaboration can be mapped to other formats as HTML (or OOXML).

Über den Autor Svante Schubert:

Svante arbeitet an dem OpenDocument Format.
Zwölf Jahre lang arbeitete er für Sun Microsystems im Bereich der Standardisierung, seit kurzem als freischaffender Entwickler:
Unter anderem war er ..
* Vertreter von Sun / Oracle in der DIN für ISO SC34.
* Verantwortlich für Collaboration in Browser-basierte ODF Cloud Office.
* Leitung der ODFDOM Java API auf ODF Toolkit
* Leitung der XML OpenOffice.org, verantwortlich für die XML-Transformationen
* Entwickler der XHTML Transformation für die ODF-Spezifikation
* Co-Autor auf der ODF 1.2 Metadata Specification des OpenDocument-Format
* Vertreter von Sun / Oracle in der W3C für das Compound Document Format